that was then

good morning dear friends! i have to apologize for going mia for the past week or so but it’s been a whirlwind as usual once we touched down in paris. after provence we all took the tgv to the city and arrived at the glorious apartment my sister in law chose for our family. since we were traveling with their family of five and my parents it was important to have lots of room and this place really delivered! it had more bedrooms than i could count and was in the most magnificent neighborhood (the 8e) with all original details and fantastic state of the art modern conveniences.

as the kids ran around we looked at all the details that were still intact like the stain glass windows, wood floors and original hardware. this apartment must have been like this for a century with all the mouldings and trims you’d dream about in a paris apartment.

it may be the one of the prettiest apartments i’ve ever had the good fortune to stay in and we enjoyed every minute of it wondering who had been here before us and what life had been like when this was built with such love and attention to detail. it’s kind of amazing to think that the gorgeousness of the ceilings and walls and floors and doors were so important in a time when there was probably no electricity, plumbing or heating. funny how priorities change over time…

the french are mixing the old and new in fresh ways and it was a perfect example of how yesterday and today can merge so well.

i thought you may enjoy a tour of the place and if you’re interested in staying or have a large group or family it’s a dream come true for a stint in the city.

the halls were bigger than most places i’ve ever stayed!

anyway that was sadly last week and my family has come and gone, and so has this wonderful dream but the memories will last forever. claudia ii is now in town and we have moved into our new place on the isle st. louis. we’re in a small but cozy duplex and are running around, tired but happy.

this is our new little abode that has now become headquarters for preparing the next leg of the trip. we’ve got clients coming in, the maison objet, the markets, photographing and editing for the book and a trip this weekend to lille for the festival in the streets a couple hours outside paris. i’ve finally caught up as of today and hope to make it here a bit more often with news and shots of what’s going on. till then, we’re off to find some comfy walking shoes and get our gear together for the weekend. more soon, this time i really mean it! i hope all is well in your world and that you have a tres bon jour!

August 29, 2012. Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Trip.


  1. This is Belgium replied:

    beautiful ! très bon jour à vous également


  2. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    Just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m now going to sleep with a wonderful dream :-)


  3. Jessica Chauvot replied:

    Lovely stuff to dream on!


  4. Karina replied:

    What an amazing place to stay, is it available for others to rent too? Would you be able to supply details/website please?


  5. Rosemary replied:

    What a glorious place to stay, even if it was short lived. The cherubs made my heart skip a beat. I can see you have a lot going on still. Just remember to breath.


  6. Cris replied:

    Love it and thank you for taking us out of the humdrum into that pretty world. Can’t wait to see lots of pics of the stuff you find at the markets!


  7. Patricia Morrison, Austin, Texas replied:

    I would like to have the contact information about the beautiful apartment if you are able to share. Many thanks, Patricia Morrison/Austin


  8. Rhonda replied:

    Beautiful apartment, those halls are so large! I knew you were in Paris and I’m happy you had and are still having a great time!


  9. Peggy Braswell replied:

    be still my heart! + lots of photos, please + how blessed you are.


  10. Lisa replied:

    So beautiful! I would love to know the exact area for my next visit. Thanks Lisa


  11. Julie replied:

    Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Connie replied:

    Such beautiful photos. I almost feel as if I just stopped by for a visit. It makes me wish more contemporary builders would pay more attention to detail. Sigh…


  13. Jill Mcneilly replied:

    I am off to paris in a few weeks and reading your blog has made me want to go tomorrow.There are so many wonderful places to go to and see.


  14. victory replied:

    Please supply rental information.It is so very frustrating to read and see and not be able to inquire for oneself.
    Thanks so very much for sharing.


  15. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Bee-you-tee-ful Claudia.


  16. Nikon replied:

    My God, Claudia, that is such an amazing apartment!
    Beautiful photos – I especially love the view of the roof tops.


  17. Christine replied:

    Yes! Please supply the information on the rental apartment so we can use it as well! Bon voyage!


  18. Judith Humphrey replied:

    Oh Claudia! That apartment is a dream! So incredible. I could imagine myself living there in Paris! Have a wonderful (and productive) trip my Darling!!!


  19. Mystica replied:

    What a beautiful place to stay. Thanks for the photos.


  20. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    Absolutely dreamy!


  21. Clare replied:

    That apartment looks amaaaaazing! Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Clare x


  22. Marie Arden replied:

    What a great apartment. What book? Is there a sequel to Paris Apartment? Or a totally new book I must have missed something along the way.
    Have fun


  23. Heidy replied:

    Amazing place! Please do tell us renting details!
    Love to be there!!


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