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good morning dear friends! i hope all is well with you. it feels like eternity since i’ve been able to sit and write. for the past week my family and i have been in provence on a trip my sister in law arranged. it’s the first time we’ve ever all gone away together and it was pure bliss. usually we get together once or twice a year on holidays but not since we were kids did we all live ensemble cooking, having breakfast and traveling.

the house was incredible, set on 17 acres of what’s supposed to be the best soil on earth, surrounded by flowers, mountains and ruins.

i got to be friends with the caretaker who actually did the renovations and says it was mainly a stall for horses and cows with just a little building for the proprietor. now it’s got too many beds and baths to really even count and looks completely authentic. we even thought the kitchen may have been original because they added a professional cuisine on to the back of a very country looking salle a manger.

last night was my brother’s birthday and we celebrated with a chef who jean found. after shopping the markets for fruit, cheese, fish, vegetables and wine, it all came to the house and they prepared it and even served and cleaned up. it was a feast and i doubt we’ll ever forget it!

each person was taught how to prepare french cuisine with a decorative flair. it was another late night (they all have been)! and this morning i just had to get here before this all becomes a distant memory.

the rest of the week was spent of course trying to get a little of the flea markets in…

(my nieces even got into it)!

but each day we spent in one or two little towns in the region. it’s a place i haven’t been in many years but now that i’ve touched down again, don’t think i’ll ever be able to give up.

it’s one of those incomprehensibly beautiful spots where history is still thriving.

a place that  can never really be understood.

but it’s definitely one i’ll be back to explore

between the aquaducts, arenas, stone huts and sole buildings on mountains, it’s mysterious and magical.

even though we missed the lavender fields the colors of everyday life were more vibrant than anywhere i’ve ever been.

needless to say we all had a ball

and this morning we’re packing and getting ready to catch the TGV to paris.

for more years than i can remember i haven’t been able to tear myself away from the city of lights and most of my trips overseas center around it. now that had a taste of provence there may be a bit of a personal struggle as to which is my new favorite. well luckily they’re both just a plane ride away and hopefully this time next year will be a whirlwind trip again. this time with a small group who wants to join me and explore this spectacular site. oh and shop the markets too of course! ok off we go. more from paris i promise!

ps here is the rental info:

August 17, 2012. France, Provence.


  1. Connie replied:

    My husband and I went to Provence on our honeymoon. We haven’t been back since. These photos bring back sweet memories. Merci!


  2. curiousclare replied:

    Oh how I long go to Provence! I’ve been to Paris twice but yet to see Provence. Definitely next time!!

    ~ Clare x


  3. Nikon replied:

    So good to hear from you, Claudia, I was worried!
    Fabulous pictures,and so many! Provence looks amazing, and so does the food.
    I’m glad that you had fun!


  4. LindaBloom replied:

    What a wonderful vacation – the house is beautiful and the table – right out of a fairytale


  5. Carina replied:

    It’s such a beautiful part of France. I did a road trip last year with my then five year old and found ourselves in Gordes, just loved the area. Can’t get enough of Paris, and now can’t get enough of Provence. :)


  6. French Paintings replied:

    A lovely post with some beautiful photography.


  7. Rob and Tonya replied:

    Looks like a great time with great memories!


  8. sherrillkc replied:

    Hi!!what a fabulous trip..thanks for sharing..I went in 2009 & never the same!! To me Paris/Provence is the perfect trip-the best of France.


  9. Dayle replied:

    What a womderful trip and beautiful story!! And passing the cultural baton to your niece, as well, Claude-what a gift! Xo


  10. lauralewie replied:

    My mother,my daughter and I visited Paris and Provence in 2010 and it was most certainly a life-changing experience. Thank you for sharing!


  11. Rhonda replied:

    Oh how wonderful! You have described it so well. Provence was my first choice but Paris ended up where I arrived. It’s a hard decision, which is your favorite, this I understand.


  12. Karen Albert replied:

    Claudia what a wonderful place to stay and thank you for including so many gorgeous images! I love the dinner table ready for a feast! The ancient stone buildings excite me so much!

    Art by Karena


  13. Patricia Morrison, Austin, Texas replied:

    It looks lovely. Would you be willing to share the rental agency/information with me? Thank you, Patricia


  14. Deatra replied:

    It looks lovely. Would you be willing to share the rental agency/information with me? Thank you, Reminds me of the home in the movie ‘A Good Year’ starring Russel Crowe. Love the seclusion and privacy.
    Moi oci


  15. Ming-Pei Cobb replied:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I am your fan. Just yesterday was thinking about haven’t see you post on facebook awhile, now really enjoy your post. Thank you so much.


  16. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Too, too beautiful…will have to get myself down there fast!


  17. Georgette replied:

    Beautiful!! I would love to know the rental info as well if possible. Merci ! Will be in Paris in October and would love to take a few days exploring where these pictures are. Merci. Georgette


  18. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Beautiful pictures, lovely house! So good to look at.


  19. Marie replied:

    Looks really really cosy. Hope you enjoy Paris too!


  20. Lara Mijatovich replied:

    I’ve been to all of those lovely places in the South of France. One of my best trips was renting a minivan with 5 girlfriends in Paris and circling the whole country over 2 weeks. It was an amazing adventure I will treasure my whole life.


  21. Bohemian Valhalla replied:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your Images transported me there on the canvas of my Imagination.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian


  22. Mélanie @ le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    So happy to read you loved so much Provence.Where were you ? I hope to meet you soon .


  23. ernø replied:

    very nice photos, houses and sun !


  24. vickiarcher replied:

    Come back soon Claudia… See you in Paris… xv


  25. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Unbelievable! What an amazing trip and how wonderful to go with your family! Lovely lovely photos too. Thanks for sharing.


  26. Heidy replied:

    What a gorgeous place!
    Could you share the rental details please?
    You are such an inspiration!
    I love your blog!
    When everything has stopped and the
    Kids r all in bed, all I do is read your messages
    And look at the amazing photos you post for us!
    Like another world where I feel safe!
    Thank you! X


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