like a horse to the stable

hello mes darlings, happy friday night! it’s been a long week and i hope yours is turning into something wonderful. mine is about to, i’m getting ready to kick back at a mere 11pm. it was a week of hard core focus on systems, standards and practices leaving very little time for joy or jaunts. well that’s not true, there’s been a quite a bit of joy, with lots of laughs and the happiness we all feel when we see it coming together.

i can truly say i’m finished for tonight. actually i knew i had when my fingers automatically typed in the word ‘pinterest’ to see what i missed, it’s been days!  and it’s one thing when my mom nudges me to blog but when my Dad mentions it, i know i’ve been slacking.  anyway it was a great reason to head back to a favorite guilty pleasure. when i came across this flower i thought it would be a sweet summer night allo. a yoga teacher once said to imagine your favorite flower right up against your nose and face, so soft, so fragrant…breathe deep! hope you enjoy this beauty~

well, i’ll check in over the weekend. till then, have a une très bonne nuit!  [dad, is that right]?

August 4, 2012. Life.


  1. Connie replied:

    ahhh…smells lovely.


  2. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    Such beauty, and the scent is intoxicating.


  3. Mom replied:



  4. Nikon replied:

    You have a great weekend, too, Claudia!
    I like the words of wisdom about visualizing the flower up to your face……


  5. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    n i c e!


  6. phyllis replied:

    It would be so incredible to still have my dad and for him to see a blog…MY blog…you are lucky to have your parents…yes, blessed …that pink fluff is gorgeous!
    I know whenever I’ve been away from the house I get to Pinterest pretty quickly after sitting down, too! LOL.


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