the artist’s life

oh wow it’s 7:29 am already! good morning guys, I hope you had a glorious weekend! my new ‘cfo’ is en route and will be here in the next couple minutes. that means no time for play and blogging which i’m squeezing in to the very last sec before she gets here. i went to pinterest for a quick burst of inspiration and this is what was up front an center. i’m not an artist in any way but then again aren’t we all creating our masterpieces? well, i’d better hop to it. there she is! have a great day!

July 30, 2012. Life.


  1. Mom replied:

    What beautiful journals. They don’t have to be just text, your expressive self can take many forms.


  2. Karen Albert replied:

    Claudia it is wonderful to see what inspires others. Adore the Warhol quote!

    Art by Karena


  3. Karen Eileen replied:

    I am a self-discovered artist. :-) Growing into it and learning that art is every day and things that make you smile…..loved this post. I like even writing the word “artist” I am a home-artist, a garden-artist and an artist of arranging what I love to look at.


  4. Connie replied:

    Your mom is so smart :-)


  5. Nikon replied:

    Beautiful selection of creativity.


  6. Deb from NC replied:

    You are an artist. It takes a lot of creativity to have a blog like yours and I enjoy it.


  7. Heidi replied:

    Ditto on Deb’s comment every thing you create is so inspiring…..


  8. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Soooooo love Andy’s quote….I’m taking it as my mantra!!!! And yes, totally agree with Deb and Heidi…your blog is your artistic creation…and we love it. Always a fresh eye…always beautiful…and created by YOU! Merci beaucoup Claudia.


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