what’s the rush

allo all~how’s votre vie? summer in july, hmmm i know you’re having fun!

all’s well here but it’s mostly work work work. i love to decorate but haven’t done anything radical in awhile. so i picked up a shower curtain and flowers and even though it’s kind of phoning it in, the little change makes me really happy and feels like i accomplished something creative. i highly recommend it if you need a little lift!

you know i always put the creative stuff last, how can i enjoy myself when orders need tracking?! but i’m finally understanding that the ‘to do’ list will never be finished so i’m picking my battles and not trying to cram it all into one day. meanwhile good things are happening including a new book contract! i’m leaving for france in a month to work on it and travel with my beautiful family.

to get ready i’ve been shooting and organizing stuff for okl and taking photography classes. i asked the universe for a financial wiz and it threw the perfect right-brained person in my lap so we’re setting up quickbooks before the trip.

i decided to stay in my apartment for the next year and watch the building go up outside my window. i’ll be in and out a lot and it is a fascinating perspective.

anyway, that’s the bulk of it, guess i wanted to explain why i’ve been a bit MIA lately. i’m going thru 10 years of photos to get ready for the book. to take my mind off work i’ve been playing with this mesmerizing new app. check it out if you LoVe animated gifs!


and since i’m also working on revising and updating my own app,  i’m working with this great company that sources odd techie jobs. you post requirements for anything you need web-wise and people who know how to do it respond. it’s like magic! very handy if you need a staff at your fingertips.


well i better go if i’m going to catch any good tv. hope you have a great night, sweet dreams!

July 19, 2012. Life.


  1. clare replied:

    Congrats on the new book contract!!

    ~ Clare x


  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    thanks clare! they you should write about what you know and i finally know something about something!


  3. Rosemary replied:

    It’s a good thing to be busy. Your photos are beautiful. Love that little row of lamps. Congratulations on you book. Sweet dreams.


  4. Nikon replied:

    Congrats on the book – and I love your photos as always!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi paul, thank you so much, i am trying to get better but there is so much to learn about photography!


  5. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    Félicitation on the book Claudia… I had a feeling! It will be lovely I’m sure. Great tip on ODesk.
    Talk soon,


  6. Style Maniac replied:

    A new book, woohoo!! So exciting. I can’t wait to read it — may I pre-order now? ;)


  7. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Congratulations on the book + staying in apt. Look forward to your blog! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  8. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hey peggy, yes, i vowed not to complain about the noise (which has been not too bad surprisingly)! i wanted to thank you and all my blog buds for your good wishes, opening my emails in the morning and seeing notes from you makes me SO happy! i’ll stop by your blogs too.


  9. M-T replied:

    Hi Claudia, just a little note to say that I am finally able to show my appreciation for your fabulous Blog by nominating you for the Blogger Sunshine Award. Please check out the details on the latest post on my Blog.

    It’s not much, but it’s a way to give back. Warmest regards, M-T


  10. Rhonda replied:

    Ooh, I cannot wait to check out these links…merci beaucoup!


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