the next layer

hi guys, how’s your fourth going? it’s pretty dusky around here and i’m taking the sweet quiet time before fireworks to use my laptop for fun not work.

i just got these pics from my client in nice. i love their simplicity and that she’s letting things evolve.

she got flowers and more pieces arrived today.

this red chest was supposed to be fir printer and modem on the back wall but she switched it up, i like it.

this gray piece will probably move between the windows. the big mirror from the hall is now hung above the red chest. (it’s actually an armoire door i didn’t expect her to hang there but i dig it)!

the chars arrived!

and the full moon is the cherry on top. ok more soon, there’s the first firework pop… have a fun night!

July 5, 2012. Decorating, France, Villefranche.


  1. Merillion replied:

    Claudia, you sure did a wonderful job! Everything is so beautiful.

    That last photo with the full moon – what a beauty!



  2. Connie replied:

    So clean & calm. Love the view with the full moon.


  3. Clare replied:

    That view looks divine!

    ~ Clare x


  4. Page replied:

    I’d love to see you comment on the France 75% tax.


  5. Nikon replied:

    Very nice job – I love that last shot!
    I hope that you had a good Fourth..


  6. Carla Coulson replied:

    Fabulous chairs Claudia and how about the full moon view! Breathtaking
    Carla x


  7. sara phillips replied:

    Looks beautiful and what a stunning view – very jealous!

    Sara x


  8. Kate replied:

    Love! She’s making it her own which is wonderful! It’s clean, fresh, charming and French!


  9. Peggy Braswell replied:

    You & she did such a grand job + That full moon shot is amazing.


  10. ARod replied:

    great pics its coming together lovely


  11. DesignStaging replied:

    Love the furniture


  12. Juliane replied:

    Beautiful! Sleek lines, and I love how the flowers throw in some more organic forms. Make sure the wall art she chooses goes with that great wood furniture!


  13. DesignStaging replied:

    Reblogged this on DesignStaging and commented:
    Last stop today, Paris!


  14. Heidi replied:

    Beautiful pieces……you could decorate these into many different room styles!


  15. replied:

    Looking good Claudia…. Those chairs are the best… xv


  16. Fashion-isha replied:

    Those pieces are so perfectly traditional!


  17. bcarlouet replied:

    Love it! Love the tile floors, are they marble?


  18. French Furniture replied:

    Love the furniture. The last picture is so romantic, complete with a full moon.


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