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good morning guys, hope you’re having a fantastic week! it’s finally quiet around here and i’ve come to the realization that the only way to work, blog or even work out, i have to be alone. otherwise someone always wants to do something fun, far away from the computer!  i’m expecting liz any moment but wanted to stop by and say hey.


not posting about anything in particular, just getting what’s on the desktop before it gets filed or deleted, starting with nature’s colors. i’ve been saving these images for palettes and inspiration, and the links below them have an infinite selection of combos of mother nature’s astonishing creativity and great taste!

on another note, just thought i’d post a little of what i’ve been up to behind the scenes. i mentioned before that OKL asked me for lighting so being a bit of a literalist, i went and sourced from my favorite haunts and have been working on it for weeks.

i’ ve been in the vintage and antiques biz long enough to know how to fix up most anything but when you have 10-20 lamps in your life they start to get pretty needy.

it’s not just getting a cute lamp, but finding the shade (that’s perfect and trying to keep it that way), and every detail from the finial, to the harp, the spider, the socket and the wiring! doesn’t seem like a big deal but in a group it’s a pretty big task. and trying to keep them pristine and photographed…don’t get me started!

how do you feel about original wiring? i think it shows authenticity but maybe it’s best to rewire. i like the old. what about you? anyway they’re finally sitting quietly waiting to get wrapped and packed, the last of what’s left in my apartment as i have one foot in an the other out the door to make a move once the right apartment appears. (i didn’t get the one i wanted so back to hunting).

well i better get going. only a couple days left to put my trip together, i’m leaving on the 20th and have to get our itinerary settled. i’ll share it once it’s locked down. i’m looking forward to exploring the sud. ok, off to work. have a great thursday!

June 14, 2012. Life, Lighting.


  1.  lighthouse replied:

    Here’s a cute lamp to begin with :-)


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi panta, that is NOT cute! haha! thank you for keeping up the fight, i’ll get back on that bandwagon soon but had to shut it down for a while, everyone thought i was a lunatic! so glad it’s picking up momentum!


      •  lighthouse replied:

        you mean you are sane C?
        how boring! ;-)
        on the lighting issue, lunatics are rather those who support certain manufacturers in achieving a ban on simple and bright but also patent expired and unprofitable regular light bulbs
        – compared to the complex expensive less known and less environmentally friendly but profitably patented alternatives pushed by Philips, GE and Osram who sought and welcomed the ban, as referenced via the above link….


  2. Heidi replied:

    I love the old too, unless it shows horrible wear……I did have a friend who’s house started on fire from an old lamp though…….Have fun with those great lamps!


  3. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Lights- lamps,chandliers anything to do with giving of light-for a designer can be hard to find great ones. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  4. The Paris Apartment replied:

    panta, i may have been sane and boring at one point and it was bliss! once i cracked that CFL/Pandora’s box, it’s been lunacy ever since! thank GOD that they’re calling GE, Phillips and the rest of them out on their rhetoric and BS! There’s even a movie called Planned Obsolescence now!!! how cool is that?! thanks for posting that!


  5. Karen Albert replied:

    Love the finials! Love beautiful lighting, I am finding more and more options available. It does have to be Exactly what we want though! Will check the link!

    Art by Karena


  6. Connie replied:

    I love the old and the original but I’m afraid of electricity!


  7. Nikon replied:

    Beautiful photos, Claudia – I love the crystals (agate?). The first shot is very nice.
    I like the old wiring & fixtures, but I always worry about the safety of using them
    I hope that everything goes perfectly for the trip!


  8. phyllis replied:

    I love taking hints from nature and you are right…such good taste! Gosh, just by looking at a stone…I had ideas of fabrics and lighting…
    I have a growing stash of lights and lamps…they are taking up space but I can’t part with them :)


  9. Style Maniac replied:

    I kid you not — I think the twin sister to that tall white gooseneck lamp lives in my client’s home. It was a piece I had my own eye on for quite a while but used it for her project because it just fit so perfectly.

    I agree with you about shades –they really make the lamp. Kind of like shoes making the outfit.


  10. Erika replied:

    I’ve re-used the plug before, but always replace the wires/flex, I usually get the plain dark brown, so at least it looks similar to the authentic. I have a pretty big lamp obsession too, with about five waiting to be stripped out and re-done, and absolutely no time to do it, and not a single idea where to put them when the job is done!


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