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hi gang, good morning! it’s actually getting close to noon. it’s turning into one of those days that goes by in a flash. the other day i told you i had some good news and can finally share it. i’m heading to Nice in a couple weeks to help decorate an apartment!


seems like every year since i can remember i’ve wanted to go to the south of france and explore the markets. it’s been ages since i’ve been there, once as a kid with my family and then again after college working on some ancient building restorations. but that was before i fell for the fleas and know nothing about them there!


we’ll have a van and a gps as well as our list which is everything from furniture and rugs to lights and accessories. we’re going to do the whole place start to finish in a week so being prepared is the first step.


of course google is the first place to search and i did get lost in what is obviously a magical region.

nice-market cours-saleya

first checking out the major markets, working on the schedule and to do list.

lots of times towns have vide greniers and you never know what will turn up.  researching that is its own project:

i can’t resist the old shots, this one is a flower market in nice. so easy to get distracted!


to make sure we hit every nook and cranny  i’m calling in my local expert gurus for advice. first is  vicki archer of french essence who lives in provence and is an incredible wealth of knowledge. she’s renovated her home in provence and i bet knows just where the secrets stashes are!


next will be to check in with melanie aussandon who’s in marseille and has been a blog bud for years. she works with her family in their shop restoring pieces and upholstering them. her favorite pastime is shopping the brocantes.

tongue in cheek

and last but definitely not least is corey amaro, one of my favorite photographers.  her esteemed opinion on the local markets and brocantes will be the cherry on top. each of these ladies is brilliant in her own right and i can’t wait to hear their words of wisdom and learn from them! if you have any tricks up your sleeve i’d love to hear your pearls too! i’ll have share mine along the way.

well, i’m going to have to sign off and will upload shots of the apartment and what’s been planned so far. my client has exquisite taste and wants to decorate with french silhouettes, meaning take the great shapes of french furniture but skip the curls and fancy stuff. so, more soon, my insatiable inbox awaits. have a fabulous friday!

June 1, 2012. Côte d'Azur, France, Nice.


  1. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    What a wonderful hunt you’re on……..the ultimate dream job!


  2. Connie replied:

    You are going to have the most WONDERFUL time!!!! I have the best memories of a summer spent in Nice. And so happy to see you mention Melanie Aussandon. I discovered her through your blog and I think she’s great. Amuses-toi bien!


  3. Peggy Braswell replied:

    What a great opportunity + have a fabulous time + travel is a most wonderful teacher! Trotting over to check out new blogs you have introduced to me.


  4. Jan Dolphin replied:

    Love Nice!! You will also!! Ayez une grand vacances!!


  5. Nikon replied:

    I love the vintage poster art and postcrds!
    I have been following Viki Archer’s blog & she does love the flea markets!
    You’ll have a ball :)


  6. The Paris Apartment replied:

    the vintage stuff shows a lot about a culture doesn’t it? if i see vicki i’ll give her your best!


  7. Stephan B. reisig replied:

    At last, a newsletter like it should be!! Tnx.


  8. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Take me with you!!! Seriously!!! (just wishing, that’s all. felt good to say it. lol.) I’m so happy for you.


  9. Mom replied:

    Woo Hoo


  10. Mary Kate replied:

    I loved the puce in Nice last summer. I picked up a treasure I had seen at Vanves once but rejected for the price. It was much cheaper in Nice! Everything was cheaper! Beware the amusing vendor (with boxes of lovely trinkets like chandler crystals for a steal!) who will try and talk you out of a kiss for a better price, unless of course you’re the smooching type! He’s harmless and very nice but forewarned is forearmed. If you are looking for Bakelite jewelry you’ll find a great selection from one expert vendor but not at bargain prices alas. For the classic experience you should try socca from the vendor Theresa, right there at Cours Saleya. We cooled off every afternoon in the sea but bring swim shoes and watch out for flying rocks in the tide!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      such great advice. thanks for waring me about the gent. i’m the type to fall for that!


    •  lighthouse replied:

      I lived for over a year near Place Massena..
      Not me one of those vendors though ;-)
      Good walks up the overlooking hill at the end of the beachfront (where the road takes a sharp bend)
      Marc Chagall painter museum worth a look too


  11. Karen Albert replied:

    Claudia I am so so excited for you!! I cannot wait to hear more!

    Art by Karena


  12. M-T replied:

    I am sooo very “jalouse” about your trip. My parents honeymooned in NIce many moons ago. Of course, they were living in Toulon so it wasn’t far. Still Mme Mère has some very fond memories.


  13. Clare replied:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see pictures!
    Vicki’s a great source of inspiration, isn’t she? Adore French Essence.

    ~ Clare x


  14. Heidi replied:

    I love all the vintage art and that mirror…..Happy weekend!


  15. Vicki Archer (@frenchessence) replied:

    Claudia… I might just have to tag along in Nice with you … the Monday morning market could be fun??… Thank you for the very generous link up xv


  16. Mélanie @ le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Claudia , what wonderful news … You are going to enjoy la côte d’azur . I send you an email at the begining of the week . Thank you for the link … Hope to see you soon , may be in Nice


  17. Style Maniac replied:

    Oh you lucky lady! A long long time ago I spent a college semester in Nice. One of the best experiences of my life. A nice place indeed — although I don’t remember the water being that blue. Looks like time has improved things. Enjoy a fabulous trip — send (blog) postcards!


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