what matters most


wow, the days just fly by! how can we accomplish everything? then again, what’s the rush? i have about a minute and just wanted to stop by and say hi. i’m posting the one thing that matters most, staying limber. nothing else goes right when we’re out of wack so i’m sharing my 30 second philosophy which is if you take those 30 seconds for yourself to just stretch in one or two positions your whole day gets better. what do you do at the minimum? there’s that knock at the door, more later, have a great friday!

June 29, 2012. Living, Yoga. 8 comments.

what a difference a week makes


hi guys! how’s everything? i hope things are going well and your summer is offf to a great start. i feel like it’s been forever since i’ve been here. it was a whirlwind week going to nice and just getting back. my client and i shopped the flea markets to decorate her pretty little apartment overlooking the med. we had almost a week and had no internet. kind of a mind blower but then again maybe it was good cause we really focused without distractions. still i missed checking in and wanted you to see it all!

so much happened with lots to share but tonight i just wanted to let you know i hadn’t fallen off earth.  i got home to working technology today and saw this post by vicki archer who met us for lunch at the flea market at cours saleya. there’s a lot going on in that region and i’ll be writing what i learned about the markets from cap ferrat to st. tropez. till then enjoy one of vicki’s gorgeous shots from the market. she captured what i couldn’t and i’m so happy the day was preserved. we were together when she took this, marveling over whose it was,  the craftsmanship, the ritual of daily life!

well i do believe i’m be having  a bit o jet lag so here’s to calling it a nuit. sweet dreams!

June 28, 2012. Antique Shopping, Fleamarkets, France, Nice, Vicki Archer. 13 comments.

what remains unseen


morning guys and happy saturday. i hope this weekend is going to be one of celebration! i’m about to head out and wanted to post a couple things lurking on my desktop, total non sequiturs but what’s so great about sequiturs?


the first was a practice i’ve been reading about, of all things, breathing. something we do every moment from birth, but there are ways to get a lot out of it from calming to actual healing and restoring atoms and cells on a whole other level. this great book, science of breath, was written in 1903 and talks about ways to play with it for everything from cellular rejuvenation to downright enlightenment!

on another note, i’ve been holding onto these pics of microscopic grains of sand by Dr. Gary Greenberg . there’s no relation to breathing other that it’s something we don’t normally see or think about.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand” William Blake,  Auguries of Innocence

well have a great day. dads, this is your weekend, hope you get to do something fun!

June 16, 2012. Health, Life. 8 comments.

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