the foreseeable future

hi guys, happy wednesday! i’m finally home alone and it’s nice and quiet.  what a luxury to sit and surf for a minute.

truth is i’ve been at it way too long and better call it quits or will never unplug. it’s been a fun ride and started with the shots above from a  jason silva video that i didn’t use in yesterday’s post.  he talks so much about concepts i love like other planes and telepathic communication so i googled ‘collective consciousness dreaming’ and stumbled  on these sites: and aboriginal art

and it was a long and winding road from there. so for now i’ll bid you adieu, i’m officially checking out now. happy dreaming!

May 17, 2012. Dreams, Life.


  1. Nikon replied:

    Have a great night, Claudia!


  2. Karen Albert replied:

    Good night Claudia I will be in dreamland soon!

    2012 Artist Series featuring the gifted Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek

    Art by Karena


  3. Heidi replied:

    I love, How to have a lovely day!!!
    I’m going to put that to use today.


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