chopping broccoli

hi guys, hope you’re winding down a good day. between stops i heard a lot of talk radio. one of the most interesting discussions was about the super benefits of broccoli. i love it, but whenever i see it at the grocery store i hesitate to get it. i think it’s cause i didn’t really know what to do with it. so i googled some ideas just now and thought i’d share them. most are kid approved and all  can be scaled back to be super healthy.

if you’re a broccoli lover, enjoy!

if you’re brave, try these~somehow i bet they’re really good

well i’m off to dinner, hoping to have broccoli in there somewhere…have a great night!

May 15, 2012. Living.


  1. Connie replied:

    YUM! I love broccoli (I can hear Dana Carvey singing now) I’m going to try the brownies to try to sneak it into my son, the broccoli hater. Thank you :)


  2. Mom replied:

    I learned many years ago that broccoli is very tender if you peel it.


  3. JuLee Reeves replied:

    Wow! Want to try all of these. Thanks for posting. I try to incorporate broccoli into my diet but needed some new ideas.


  4. Nikon replied:

    It sure looks good in the pictures!


  5. Heidi replied:

    You just took broccoli to a whole new level for me….


  6. vickiarcher replied:

    Delish Claudia…. I need to think of it more often too… great recipes… Thank you… xv


  7. vintagerevivalnz replied:

    Yum :-)


  8. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Perfect….exactly what I needed Claudia….can’t keep living on all those gorgeous pastries! Merci beaucoup.


  9. Sara replied:

    Boy that broccoli and salmon penne looks fab! I’ll have to get my metric conversion chart out and try it right away. Yay broccoli!


  10. Denair Kalb replied:



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