what’s the point?


for me the point is fitting into the clothes in my closet. good morning everyone! it’s already after 10 and the day is whizzing by. the voices in my head were trying to keep me from an early workout but i got one in, third day in a row. it’s finally kicking in that there will be plenty of time to do all the mundane but if we don’t take care of and nourish ourselves, what’s it all for if the clothes don’t fit and nails are a wreck?


i found this on pinterest and laughed cause it covered pretty much coveres everything. but since liz and i have been making salads for lunch the past couple days, (and so loving every single bite)! things have changed. i’m looking on pinterest for good recipes and pics of beautiful food.


i can’t say i’ve seen HuGe results yet but just stretching and walking in the am and knowing the day is starting off to a positive trajectory is sure helping.


thought i’d pass this on too. about to chug a mug right now. if you have any pretty pics with recipes, send the links. i’m sure we could all use some creative ways to get off the comfort food treadmill. in the meantime, have a beautiful day!

May 4, 2012. Living.


  1. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Change is always grand + Good for you! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  2. Miss Amy replied:

    I feel the same way about Pinterest!! haha. Great images here — and of course, we wish we took them. ;) Have a great weekend, Claudia.


  3. Vicki Archer (@frenchessence) replied:

    Drinking as I write… water that is… xv


  4. Shelly Gregory replied:

    You are becoming the inspiration now! And, that Pinterest quote is my biggest chuckle for today, so far! Thank you, thank you! Hope your weekend is awesome!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      well i DID take a shot from day one and am not ready for the inspiration shot but so appreciate the vote of confidence! you’re all really helping me to make it happen!


  5. à la parisienne replied:


    I think many of us find ourselves getting in the habit of eating unhealthy foods, and I have been on a mission to prepare more healthy/holistic foods for my family. I love the many things Pinterest has to offer, and one of them is recipes! Here’s the link to my Wholesome Foods board, which is full of salads, vegetables, fruits and grains recipes. http://pinterest.com/alaparisienne/wholesome-recipes/

    They are not all low fat, but they are healthy (We do need some fats, right?).
    I’ve already made the broccoli, bowtie, grape pasta salad- delicious as well as the Asian lettuce wraps (delicious and perfect for a summer lunch/dinner and the left overs are pretty good) and last night I made the zucchini carbonara for dinner–VERY delicious.

    Hope you find some recipes you like.



  6. Beadboard Upcountry replied:

    Hi Claudia!!
    I love the sentiment from Pintrest! Sometimes I feel comfort food makes you uncomfortable…… Living in a small town in Texas where ice cream, sausage, barbeque and everything fried, needless to say eating out is a challenge we cook at home a lot…… I use nonfat yoghurt instead of sour cream and love salad Nicoise…without the potatoes……Will check out Mandy’s collection!!!!!!!! Also on the food channel Paula Dean’s son is doing a lot of her old recepies in a new healthier way. Called “Not my Mamma’s Meals” He is doing a great job! We tried the oven baked “Fried chicken” it was great……Maryanne xo


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      so true that comfort food makes you the most uncomfortable, especially in jeans! i’m super into salad these days and did have a bite of chocolate ice cream and apple pie but not enough to make me have to unbutton that top snap!


  7. Nikon replied:

    Have a great day, Claudia!


  8. Isabelle replied:

    For healthy recipes, check out thefatkidinside.com :)


  9. Heidi replied:

    I am going to a family reunion in August and have been so trying to do all the right things and this post was just the little reminder I’m Doing all the right things! Inspiration…..


  10. TheTravelingHeart (@AbigailMifsud) replied:

    I love pinterest too! I don’t know how healthy some of these are, but you can look at my food list too http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/cart/view-upsell.html?ie=UTF8&HUCT=1&newItems=C3VVVSN1G4QWFL%2C1
    I’ve been thinking of exercising myself. I guess we don’t have to wait until New Year’s to start right? :D


  11. Rebecca Grace replied:

    LOVE that pinterest definition — cracked me up! Touché, pussy cat! ;-)


  12. Style Maniac replied:

    Such a great reminder — we need to take care of ourselves first. And yet, so often we do that last.


  13. ARod replied:

    thanks for the push drinking my water now hope your having a great week


  14. Carla Coulson replied:

    Making a huge effort and you and all your followers are the inspiration…have been for a run to start my day xx


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