the joy of moving

good morning guys! your notes yesterday really inspired me and the spell was cast. the beast is unleashed! i haven’t had breakfast yet but so far a big glass of lemon water and i’m craving a smoothie instead of coffee!

so now that food is under control, what are some of your workout tips as far as fast fat burners? we learn so much from each other so thanks for sharing! i found this good website, if you have others, pass on the links. have a great day my fat burning friends (there must be a more glamorous way to say that. maybe in french)?

May 3, 2012. Living.


  1. Peggy Braswell replied:

    congratulations to you, grand website.


  2. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Claudia, I am going to finish researching the link you shared. Thank you. Also, it’s no secret that metabolisms have to be revved up to burn fat. At my age, I have to do 45 mins at least 5 times a week to burn the fat off, and keep it off. Everyone’s metabolism is a bit different, but we all know, in the beginning we have to step it up. I’d rather be outdoors with cycling and jogging, but I, also, love the eliptical and treadmill (alternating if possible). And, weight training builds muscle, which muscle burns more calories. Heck, you know the drill. I believe in you. You are a girl that knows what it takes to meet a goal! I’m with you all the way…………!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi shelley, great info, so much to think about! why is it that hitting the goal of making ourselves better/priority, whatever, is so much harder than all other goals?


  3. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    How about “Lipid Loss?” Sounds better and less know what it means. It works here. Not the loss, the use of ll.
    Good for you on sticking with it. Go hour by hour and day by day.
    Happy Thursday.


  4. Jill replied:

    Thanks for being an inadvertant cheerleader. I’ve been slacking (work had sucked me dry) and all the comments yesterday and your imagery are pushing me to get back to it.

    As a side – I run three times a week (10 – 15 miles), yoga twice a week and have just added weights in to the mix. It’s the eating that usually sinks my boat.

    Looking foward to hearing about your success.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      wow, you get down! what do you eat that is hard to burn off?
      down at the gym today (it was empty)! 2 yoga shows came on plum tv so i did that and treadmill in between.
      what do you eat that throws your hard work?


      • Jill replied:

        I was pretty inactive for quite a few years and am working my way back to a fit body and an energetic life. Also, my youngest son is going off to college in 2013 and my gift to myself for raising three guys is running a marathon in Venice, Italy.
        That said, whenever I’m stressed or super busy, it’s coffee with cream and lots of sugar accompaning some pastry, then pasta with cream sauce and bread, and popcorn with extra butter…I’m trying to retrain myself that comfort does not equal fat and carbs. So…fruit and veggie smoothies/fat free greek yogurt with a little honey or whole wheat toast with sunbutter for breakfast, veggies and a little protein for lunch and dinner is my goal.
        Life is too short to not get moving.
        Again, thanks for the encouragement. I had a smile on my face this morning when my feet hit the road.


  5. Olga replied:

    Such a good site! All the advises are great and healthy))
    I also used this one
    Zig-zag nutrition cycle really helps to speed up the process)

    Good luck!!


  6. Nikon replied:

    I love the photos, Claudia!


  7. Boocat Butterbee replied:

    I haven’t looked like that since I was eleven years old.


  8. emerly replied:

    I like this one


  9. Kate replied:

    Yey, sounds like we’ve all got the nourishment under control. In my town they run free led cycle rides, brill fun, fresh air and good laugh. If you don’t have that check the web for good cycle routes in your area and get some mates together. I also bought a pedometre that beeps when you’ve done a healthy amount of activity, It’s weight watchers so it also counts extra points (the calories) you’ve earned. I love it, motivates me to do that little bit more to hear the beep! Hope all is well. Salad looked amazing! Kate xx


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