change is the only constant

good morning darling friends! i hope you had a fantastic holiday. it’s absolutely silent here so i have a rare and treasured moment to come by and say hello. as usual the days are moving at the speed of light and trying to keep up is a full time job. i finally have the next few to myself and am looking forward to spending time with my computer which has been severely neglected!

before hitting the inbox i wanted to share a little of what’s going on. it’s been house hunters around here trying to find a new place asap as the construction is amping up outside my window. yesterday we saw what’s probably my favorite so far (above). the view is heaven but the apartment is beyond a fixer upper. i got spoiled having everything brand spanking new.   i’ll have to be an on the fly renovation on the wayyyy down low, changing faucets, bath stuff, even kitchen countertops.  the hardest part’s been disconnecting from my current apartment.  maybe it’s jumping into the unknown vs the comfort of familiarity. this should be an adventure so i have to get into it but i’m watching myself resist!

but i do believe we get what we need, even messages. i found this on pinterest and it’s my mantra for the day. even though i’m not sure what it says, it so doesn’t matter since there’s plenty of clearing and closing to be done.  hope you have a great day break through anything holding you back!

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves;  one life must die before we can enter another.
-Anatole France

May 31, 2012. Life, Miami. 14 comments.

just the beginning

hi all, happy weekend! i hope yours is off to a good start already.

and that you’ll be having fun with friends

and at least a little bit of quiet time. i hope to have a little downtime too and will come by to visit. till then have great sunset and the start of a wonderful weekend!

May 25, 2012. Living. 12 comments.

that rainy day feeling

good morning everyone! i’m just stopping by to recalibrate. i haven’t had the time or inclination to touch my computer for a couple days, you know how it is, a simple yet debilitating case of OveRLoAd! but i daresay i’m back in full force. it’s a bit of a dismal morning but perfect to get up and out for an early road trip up north and back by noon. i just wanted to stop here first to wish you a sunshiny day whatever the weather! i’ll be back later with some good news. till then, have a great day!

May 23, 2012. Living. 13 comments.

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