on second thought

hi everybody, happy wednesday! i hope you’re having a good week. we’ve been busy over here cause i’m trying to coordinate a trip next month and tying loose ends up seems to be a never ending task. and trying to have a little fun between working, shooting  and a millions of projects that have only had broad strokes over then, let alone fine tuning any.

what’s going on behind  the work scene is something i didn’t see coming. you know i love my apartment but my life here has abruptly come to an end. most of the time i shoot the view from the balcony and show just the pretty part. but today i’ll share the rest. in the not too faraway distance is a low rooftop. i kept meaning to contact the building to propose a green space. that was a year ago. maybe if i had they wouldn’t be building a new tower this year right in my center line. guess we’ll never know, but it’s a construction site/war zone  as of today so it’s time to move again and pdq.  so it’s onward and hopefully upward. well, coffee just walked in so my blog break’s over. gotta go, have a great high noon!

April 25, 2012. Living.


  1. Heidi replied:

    Enjoy your coffee…what a view!
    can’t wait to see your next trip.


  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    while it lasts, i sure will, thanks heidi!


  3. Peggy Braswell replied:

    On to bigger & better things! Moving is a chore(packing etc.) however exciting at the same time-be good to your self! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  4. Shelly Gregory replied:

    I’m so sorry you have to do this all over again, so quickly. I believe we were all excited watching your new place come together! However, I pray you are re-situated very quickly and as painlessly as possible.


  5. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    All things come to an end, so more quickly than we want them to. Life goes on, but I know you will miss your place by the sea.
    Happy Wednesday.


  6. The Paris Apartment replied:

    we started looking at what’s available and i hope they’re real!


  7. The Paris Apartment replied:

    yes it’s funny when something comes to a screeching halt! i thought i’d be happy the rest of my days here. looks like the universe has something else in mind!


  8. Nikon replied:

    Sorry to hear that Claudia. Moving is such a pain.
    I hope that you find something that you like.


  9. Connie replied:

    I used to live on the upper west side of Manhattan & I had a perfect dreamy view of the gargoyles on the Museum of Natural History until…..augh!!! a big building went up BLOCKING my view. But it actually gave my apt. more shade, my rug & curtains didn’t fade as much & it was much cooler in the summer. Sometimes interesting things come of change. Good luck to you. I know you’ll find something nice. You have a natural talent for seeking out beauty.


  10. lelanie replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    I am sorry to hear about the move. But thank you for being so honest and sharing it with us. I have also moved this week and it has been utter madness. As these things are. I hadn’t told my readers, but after reading your post I have decided to share it with them tomorrow.

    Good luck with everything. I hope you find a lovely new spot.


  11. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Oh no, what a pain having to move…but I’m sure with your wonderful karma you’ll find an even more beautiful abode! Have you thought about Paris???


  12. Jullie Joy Dodds replied:

    Moving ugh hate it but yes the thought of making a nothing new place home and gorgeous is a great challenge,Funny i never pictured your apartment in a highrise i wasnt with you in teh beginning i pictured you in the apartment of an old old building ! hehe means you did a great job.


  13. curiousclare replied:

    Oh no! Such terrible news. I do detest moving, but perhaps it’s the beginning of a new wondeful adventure…?!

    ~ Clare x


  14. Movers and shakers. | of beauty and love replied:

    […] that things have been manic lately and we have had a super busy time. Well, just like Claudia from The Paris Apartment, we have suddenly had to move from our JHB town house. We have only been renting there for six […]


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