my blue heaven

hi guys! i hope you’re having a great weekend. it’s the time of day when the sun’s still shining and feels like sunday will never end. i’ve been lounging around enjoying the view and wanted to share the rainbow of blue. i’m about to ride the surf of a second wind and get some laptop time in  so homework’s done early tonight. then it’s guilt free tv! have a nice long sunday afternoon, dusk, twilight,  evening and night!

April 22, 2012. Life.


  1. Rhonda replied:

    Aahhh, I love Florida. We visit Ft.Lauderdale once a year and I never want to go home. That second photo reminds me of our view where we eat dinner on the 2nd floor of a restaurant that overlooks the ocean.

    Happy Sunday, Claudia. I too have some laptop time and then later we watch The Amazing Race !!


  2. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    It is such a gorgeous day at the beach. The wind is blowing but it is beautiful.
    Enjoy your evening.


  3. Jules replied:

    As I check in this morning there is a plethora of sea and summer views and I am reminded that our winter fires are upon us and I have 4 long months before I will see the sun shining on the water like this……am I jealous much?……you bet!!!!!!
    What a perfect perfect place for a lazy Sunday!!!


  4. jazzymoi replied:

    Nice shot!

    Did you get my email about meeting up this week?
    I’ll be in Miami from Thursday – Sunday…if this suits you, please email me.


  5. Nikon replied:

    Blue is my favorite color :) Beautiful photos.
    Have fun!


  6. curiousclare replied:

    Looks magical!

    ~ Clare x


  7. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Gorgeous photos! Really captures the beauty of the Miami beach! With that view, and the weather being so lovely, your day had to be glorious!


  8. carla replied:

    HI Claudia, wish I was there. That is one beautiful blue sea. Hope you are well. Cold and rainy in Paris. Carl a


  9. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi everyone! thank you so much! i’m going to take advantage of it today in your honor for at least an hour. right now liz and i are about to haul some furniture and maybe a little thrifting! have a great day!!


  10. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Stunning images + yeah for Florida!


  11. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    Enjoy some of that guilt-free TV time Claudia, heaven knows you deserve it!
    Talk soon,


  12.  lighthouse replied:

    Ah C, the sun…
    how lucky you are!
    Would not mind seeing a bit more of the big bulb in the sky
    (that noone can take away from us!)


  13. Style Maniac replied:

    Blue heaven, indeed! What a lovely, seductive view. Must be hard to do anything but daydream (not a bad thing).


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