powder puff girls

ala-parisienne.com in the boutique

hi all! how’s your week going? it’s hard to believe but we’re still going strong. i think tomorrow will be the last of it. whew! of course lots of other thing are going on, not the least of which is this gorgeous photo that we’re adding to the boutique taken by mandy of a la parisienne. i love the way she coated the powder on; so thick and decadent!


i wasn’t sure why i love powder puffs so much till tonight.  it hit me how we used to pluck them at the stem right off the mimosa tree at my grandmom’s house. we powder-puffed all the live long day. those were the days. these are too! hope you’re having a great night and sweet dreams!

April 4, 2012. Mimosa Tree, Photography.


  1. Rhonda replied:

    I have an old powder puff that is simply too beautiful to toss. I always wonder why I keep, now I know. Your mimosa story is sweet and memories keep us young. Have a fabulous week, Claudia.


  2. Kate replied:

    Oh, that is lovely; like reading a short story!


  3. Nikon replied:

    Great photos – I love how sharp & colorful they are.


  4. Mandy (à la parisienne) replied:


    Funny you linked Mimoma flowers to powder puffs. When I was a young girl, our neighbor down the street had a gorgeous Mimosa tree and I would sneak into her yard and pluck the little pink whispy flowers from her tree and carry them home and enjoy their fragrance. I remember begging my dad to plant one in our yard so I could have all the Mimosa flowers I wanted…I guess I’m like you; I still love the color pink and I still love perfume. (Coincidentally, my current next door neighbor has a Mimosa tree right across my yard…so tempting.)

    Thank you for reviving my childhood memory as well!



  5. Karen Albert replied:

    My first boyfriend gave me a set of Chanel # 5 Perfume and dusting powder. I so wish I had saved that luxurious puff!

    Art by Karena


  6. vintageandart. replied:

    So pretty….and loved your sweet memory story.


  7. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Love that little cerise blossom…..they are also one of my favourite ‘etching’ subjects…..whimsical, delicate and detailed.


  8. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    Just beautiful. My daughter loves it too. So feminine.


  9. Mom replied:

    I remember, too. Mom


  10. jakarta apartment replied:

    nice picture , I am like :D


  11. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Powder puffs always make me think of Amelia Bedelia, when her boss tells her to “dust the furniture” and she takes the powder puff and uses it to put dusting powder all over everything in the living room… Because she should have said “UNdust the furniture!” :-)


  12. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    Oh, this powder and its puff take me back! Love.


  13. Heidi replied:

    Beautiful flower I don’t think I have ever seen this before……Have a Happy Easter!


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