rites of spring


good morning darling friends! the day’s off to a fresh start and i’m ready for anything.  the phone is already chiming and emails are patiently waiting and i just needed a little eye candy to kick off the day. nothing was as inspiring as the simple beauty of les fleurs and their perfection however fleeting. thank god for the photogs who capture those moments!  a quick glance through pintrest brought up these images and i was compelled to post a little garden collection. i hope your day is filled with sweet things and the infinity that is a pretty petal!





April 26, 2012. Flowers. 19 comments.

on second thought

hi everybody, happy wednesday! i hope you’re having a good week. we’ve been busy over here cause i’m trying to coordinate a trip next month and tying loose ends up seems to be a never ending task. and trying to have a little fun between working, shooting  and a millions of projects that have only had broad strokes over then, let alone fine tuning any.

what’s going on behind  the work scene is something i didn’t see coming. you know i love my apartment but my life here has abruptly come to an end. most of the time i shoot the view from the balcony and show just the pretty part. but today i’ll share the rest. in the not too faraway distance is a low rooftop. i kept meaning to contact the building to propose a green space. that was a year ago. maybe if i had they wouldn’t be building a new tower this year right in my center line. guess we’ll never know, but it’s a construction site/war zone  as of today so it’s time to move again and pdq.  so it’s onward and hopefully upward. well, coffee just walked in so my blog break’s over. gotta go, have a great high noon!

April 25, 2012. Living. 14 comments.

my blue heaven

hi guys! i hope you’re having a great weekend. it’s the time of day when the sun’s still shining and feels like sunday will never end. i’ve been lounging around enjoying the view and wanted to share the rainbow of blue. i’m about to ride the surf of a second wind and get some laptop time in  so homework’s done early tonight. then it’s guilt free tv! have a nice long sunday afternoon, dusk, twilight,  evening and night!

April 22, 2012. Life. 13 comments.

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