that’s a wrap

hi guys, happy sunday. i hope your weekend has been great, it’s far from over and still early morning so we have the whole day to enjoy. claudia and i have been wrapping meticulously all the smalls from the okl sale, (you would be proud, sande)! now we’re off to brunch and the lincoln road antique market to enjoy a little downtime. we’re ready to start the next project and wrap this one up so more on that soon. ps for everyone who entered the giveaway, i can’t pick just a couple people and i truly have something for EveRyOne! we’ll close that giveaway now, so if you do want a little something, send your address to and i’ll send a little piece of paris from my stash. in the meantime, enjoy a beautiful day with the ones you love!

Note: morning! it’s been 24 hours and  i have to close the giveaway somewhere.. if you already wrote i’ll send something out but if not no worries, we’ll have another one soon!

March 25, 2012. Giveaway.


  1. Heidi replied:

    You are too kind and you deserve a lovely brunch after al that hard work I’m glad you had help…. enjoy the rest of your Sunday also….


  2. Karen Albert replied:

    Wonderful Fluer de Lis paper Sande would be proud indeed!! So gald the sale was a success!

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series


  3. Lynn Goldfinger Abram replied:

    OMG!!! This is how you’re wrapping the OKL stuff? I am blown away! YOU ROCK Miss C!


  4. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    So sweet! I am sending my address now! Happy Brunch.


  5. Nikon replied:

    Beautiful photos, I’m glad that it went well and that you are now in relaxation mode!


  6. elle leigh replied:

    Just reading THE PARIS APARTMENT makes me feel like I’ve been there. Maybe someday….


  7. Alicia replied:

    How does the giveaway work?


  8. Jean replied:

    Now, I’ve gotten lots of stuff from One Kings Lane, and nothing was ever wrapped so nicely! Wow!

    Congratulations on a hugely successful sale.


  9. Jules replied:

    We all knew it was going to be a success but congratulations anyway!


  10. Yvonne Markiewicz replied:

    Merci beaucoup!


  11. Alice replied:

    I have loved reading all about the sale, the anticipation, the excitement…congratulations!!


  12. Ane replied:

    Congratulation on the sale


  13. Lisa replied:

    I’ve alway came to the site to check out the books and decor. Today is the fist time that I’ve checked out the blog. Love it. Thank you for being so inspiring. Right now I am in the midst of redecorating my bedroom from boring to being french and chic. How do the giveaway works? Thank you for sharing such beauty.


  14. Milda replied:

    im sad i missed you… was at the market that day! hope you’re well.


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