toi que j’aime!

hi guys, happy friday! there’s a nice calm over here and we’re getting organized to pack stuff from the sale and ship it all pretty. claudia came down and having her here helps more than she knows! it’s great to slip away for a minute and come by. going thru all the  stuff i realized how long i’ve been collecting everything from perfume labels to dance cards. the combination of playing with the camera and realizing how much you appreciate the small details in life, made me want to shoot a couple and hold a  giveaway!

some of it you can see above but these are a couple of my favorites. one is this tiny dance card from a ball in paris held in 1903. gentleman would request a polka or a waltz and she’d pencil him in if she was free (or he was handsome)!

another you may remember are letters to gabrielle with the criss cross writing. apparently it was a trend in the 1890s when you wanted to write something intimate and romantic that would be hard to decipher.

anyway since it’s been such a blast on okl i thought it would fun to share some of the things with who better than you?  so if you’re into ephemera leave your name and we’ll announce a winner on monday. till then, have a great day and start of a tres bon weekend!

March 23, 2012. Giveaway.


  1. Nikon replied:

    The top photo is my favorite, but they are all beautiful. I love the blue!


  2. Victoria Chivington replied:

    I collect, meaning to use it for special projects, then I become so attached because I love to look at it over and over again. I wish I could just see the people who were using it and when….

    But when that real special occasion comes I gladly part with, love of the past….


  3. heidi replied:

    i love your blog and wait each day to see more
    au revoir


  4. Christina replied:

    Me, me, me, me! Pick me! I would LOVE these ephemera pieces!
    Thank you!
    Christina ;-)


  5. Jill replied:

    How cool. I hadn’t ever seen a “real” dance card before.
    Thanks for offering the give-away.


  6. sherri replied:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE French ephemera.
    Thank you for the chance to win.


  7. Carol Casey replied:

    Simply beautiful. And the most lovely shade of blue. My best friend is getting married in October, and the blue is just her color. It would make such a sweet sentiment to add to her bridal gift. Thank you for sharing your blog with me.




  8. Pat replied:

    Bonne Chance to me! I’d love to have either. Thank you.


  9. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Glad the sale on OKL went well for you.


  10. Dawn Connell replied:

    so lovely and generous to do this giveaway :)


  11. Leticia replied:

    Count me in! Thank you so much!


  12. Deb replied:

    Wow, fabulous.


  13. Kathleen Botsford replied:

    These are fabulous…love them!


  14. Yvonne Markiewicz replied:

    Absolutely LOVE your blog! Takes me “away to that special place”.
    I have a lovely autograph book from the late 1800’s and I enjoy how people were so personal back then.

    Thank you for sharing your travels!


  15. Dixie Crane replied:

    OMG…I love, love, French ephemera and I love, love, love your blog. I dream about the day when I get to go to France. I fear I’ll never want to return home. Thanks for your continued inspiration and your delightful taste of France.


  16. seattleshelley replied:

    …enchanted with the notion of criss-cross writing!


  17. brandyinthesky replied:

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog! It’s a delightful experience!
    And, as ephemera is one of my favorite things, I would love to be included in your giveaway drawing! ;-)



  18. Cheryl replied:

    Beautiful things to remind one of a bygone era – oh to have time for criss cross writing…. Count me in please!


  19. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    I LOVE the writing! I am taking a calligraphy course now, and it reminds me of this. People wrote beautifully then.
    Happy Friday.


  20. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Please include me in your lovely competition. I often include unique pieces such as this this in my art……….a fab way to give them a second life don’t you think.


  21. Yvette replied:

    The dance card… it’s an exquisite concept and your objet is a pristine ode a time when most people held each other with some regard and respect, in Paris and elsewhere… I believe that blue could be Aubusson Blue…


  22. Virginia Smith replied:

    How I love beautiful ephemera. I use them for marketing materials and stationary. I used old postcard backs, bookplates and endpapers for my daughter’s wedding invitations! I don’t have anything in french except a small elementary school primer. It’s always fun to see!


  23. Jullie Joy Dodds replied:

    OOH THEY ARE TO DIE FOR.Love love love ephemera it takes you away to another time and place.I want to go to the ball in Paris in 1903 hehe


  24. Alice replied:

    love, love them.
    want, want them.
    thank you!


  25. Redeemed Vintage Furniture and Accessories replied:

    I would love to be THE winner of any of beautiful pieces! Love your blog, looks like One Kings Lane sales were fabulous! Bravo! Carol


  26. Mary Kate replied:

    Just discovered your blog. I am a frequent visitor to the Vanves Flea Market, picking up little things for myself or my children’s French immersion school’s silent auction. I often joke about checking my dance card or asking friends to do something if their dance card isn’t full. How ironic to see one here…perhaps I’ll be the lucky one to win it! I shall now be on the look out at flea markets in the US and France.


  27. Heidi replied:

    I have heard of them but never seen them …..what a treasure I would love to enter….thank you


  28. kimberlydoherty replied:

    Lovely treasures and I know they are hard to part with.!


  29. Sandra Guill replied:

    These are beautiful! I would love to win one.


  30. Danielle Charney replied:

    How lovely S- my ‘dance card” has been wide open for a long time now::))


  31. Melissa replied:

    I just adore the dance card! Such a lovely giveaway!


  32. Carole replied:

    You do have an eye for the unusual!


  33. Christina replied:

    These are simply amazing and so is your blog. Just added you to my Pinterest <3


  34. Carla Bryant replied:

    What a wonderful little piece! Really take you back to another time and place!


  35. Vicki Archer (@frenchessence) replied:

    Gorgeous Claudia.. such a lovely reminder of the way things were… HAve a happy weekend… xv


  36. Carole Renzullo replied:

    Oh, yes, I would absolutely love to win.
    Carole R.


  37. Suzann replied:

    Oh so beautiful!!!


  38. Collette replied:

    How fun, If you are sure you want to part with such lovelies, you can count me in! I am still new to your blog and have enjoyed the time spent here. Have a lovely weekend as well.


  39. karen lacombe-fritz replied:

    Thank you Claudia for your inspiration. I’ve never seen a dance card before and it’s so charming to see how gracious they were back then.


  40. Katherine replied:

    I had heard of “star-crossed” lovers, now I can add “criss-crossed” lovers!
    A gentler time in history, somethings should never go out of style.
    Thank you for this charming blog!


  41. pamelajane replied:

    I’m another collector of vintage ephemera. That handwriting with a fountain pen is still so graceful and evocative. So many things we seem not to have time for anymore, like dances with gentlemen and clever criss cross letters to friends. :)


  42. Deatra Owens-Hughes replied:

    These are gorgeous, It makes you wonder how they could be perserved for sooo long. I love the dance card. My work space (my craft room) is dedicated to France. Hugh Francophile here. The dance card would be an exceptional cadeau to a lovely space.


  43. Charles replied:

    Whomever wins this dance card will receive a perfect gift. Thanks for considering me


  44. nancy replied:

    the criss cross writing is sooooooooooo interesting!
    thanks as always for sharing your world


  45. katepflynn replied:

    Also love these things! It’s key to what people love about my decor – the layers. I love to fill little boxes or dishes or hide these little treasures behind other, more utilitarian things. Great finds!


  46. Susan replied:

    I would LOVE an antique perfume label! My current project is developing a line of organic personal fragrances, each featuring a bitter chocolate note.


  47. The Paris Apartment replied:

    thanks everybody! i have to close the giveaway here but i’ll have another one next week. have a great sunday!


  48. bluelimephotograpy replied:

    oooooo anything french is perfection. xo


  49. Parisian Fields replied:

    The criss-crossed writing was actually a way to save money. People paid postage by the page, apparently. I found some old family correspondence that was criss-crossed. One was a letter of condolence — they were certainly a thrifty lot, my ancestors. It took me a while, but after you get used to the handwriting, you can read them quite well. You have a marvellous collection. I love the dance card!


  50. pineconesandacorns replied:

    Oh this is a beautiful collection. I love the dance card. And the beautiful handwriting, sadly they are not teaching children to write cursive anymore.

    Beautiful blog!

    Happy Easter, Elizabeth


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