the time has come

hi all, happy tuesday. i’m scrambling with last minute details before the sale. getting everything properly cataloged et al. the hardest part is realizing that it’s now or never that i shoot my little friends around the house.  to me they’re not really inanimate objects but instead, pieces that hold intelligence and life and information that will live longer than an iphone.

the other day i realized how much i’ll miss the artwork so tried to capture some of it just now and will keep trying. but it’s not just the art, it’s the books, like this one i’ve had here for awhile. it’s a book of receipts from the Moncey Hotel in Paris in the early 1900s. in it are the receipts of each guests, the amount of firewood they used in their rooms,  charges for room service  and phone calls. and reprimands when they got boisterous!

it’s my last chance to keep anything but at the same time i want it to go out into the universe and enjoyed by someone as much as i have.

but the original oils i will miss

and it gave me good reason to frame and mat some of the ephemera i’ve been collecting

i’ve had these porcelain chorus girls for a long time and finally unpacked them. as soon as i did two of them sold the same night. one is really brazen and another looks like she’s about to learn the ropes. my favorite is the one who’s still here.  the shy one holding her hands nervously behind the haughty one.

not to be redundant and use the same accessories but i’m trying to shoot what i can with what seems like only hours before this little world disappears!

for some reason as much as i decorate for others, just don’t do it for myself. the cobbler theory and all that. now that i have a home filled with all this familiar stuff, i like being around it. it’s hard to conceive it will be gone soon.

well i’m going to have to be a big gal and get used to it. the only thing left to do is shoot it and hone my photography skills. in the meantime i thought you’d enjoy a preview. now it’s back to work but in my free moments i’ll keep on shooting, trying to capture that certain something in everything. more soon, have a great day!

March 20, 2012. OKL.


  1. Jean replied:

    Oh my God Claudia, everything is so beautiful. It is going to be the best One Kings Lane sale ever.

    Claudia’s blog readers, don’t miss her sale. If you haven’t participated in a One Kings Lane sale before, be ready to go when it starts at 11 am est Thursday morning on the dot; things will go FAST. You have to register with One Kings Lane in advance. You are lucky insiders to have a preview of the things that will be in the sale, so you can zero in on the things you love before someone else gets it.

    Be warned, One Kings Lane is totally addictive.

    Claudia will probably kill me for this post!


  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    haha you are too funny! i needed some PR and you’re just the girl to give it to me! never had a sister till i had you in my life, thanks for encouraging me to make this happen!


  3. Nikon replied:

    You want to hone your photographic skills? Believe me, Claudia, you don’t have too!
    Every post is a photographic/aristic wonder!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      god i love you! it’s all about the crop isn’t it? or maybe the light, or the composition or the stars aligning! all i know is that most of the hundreds of shots i take are completely unworthy of a second glance. i hate to style pics but the random mess doesn’t cut it cause as we know, photos don’t lie. so the zhuzhing and moving makes me nuts and i give up. your encouragement keeps me going!!


  4. Kathleen Botsford replied:

    How do I register??? I already have my favorites earmarked!


    • Jean replied:

      Here’s a link to the sign-up page:

      And here’s advice from an experience OKL shopper. If you see something you like, put it in your cart immediately, even if you are not sure you want to actually buy it. You will get 10 minutes to complete the purchase and if you don’t buy it, it will just automatically come out of your cart. And if you see something you like and it is in someone else’s cart, don’t give up! People put things in their cart while they make up their mind, and when their ten minutes are up, it will become available again. Keep refreshing the page. It is super fun, and totally addictive!


  5. Jullie Joy Dodds replied:

    Love it all my fav the chorus girls oh my how did you part with them.No no my favourite is that Paris book detailing room service etc facinating. Love love love the long mirror and the topiary trees.Great photography,


  6. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    So many absolutely gorgeous things! You are seriously selling all these? I will have to take a peek at One Kings Lane… Your photos are great and I don’t think you need to worry about improving your skills there… Have a lovely evening xl


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      ah you’re a darling, but i want to have something to remember! something legendary! i can’t even master my autofocus or depth of field. i’m going to practice right now before the light’s gone!


  7. Rhonda replied:

    I especially love the “corner” shot, that gold dresser is so beautiful. Wow, I really love that shot, must mean I’m into corners….lol


  8. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    All very beautiful Claudia…I would love that book of receipts!


  9. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Gorgeous stuff!!!! And, I get how hard it is to let go! However, if you’re like me, some of those things can be replaced by new things, and then so on. The photos are beautifully capturing the essence of what you have acquired. Really lovely!


  10. The Paris Apartment replied:

    aw thanks shelly! i’m going to go take another crack at it now. my friend liz was just here and saw things in new ways!


  11. Connie replied:

    These things are all so beautiful. I can see why you’re a little sad to see them go out into the world..but, honestly, your photography shows them off so well! The chorus girls gave me a big smile. :)


  12. Rosemary replied:

    You have so many beautiful things. I can see why it’s hard to let go. I absolutely love the bench, and three drawer chest.


  13. Leticia replied:

    ohhhhh, I love the first painting and the drawing!
    How elegant!
    Thank you for sharing!


  14. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    Oh, it is hard letting go of all our little treasures… I still have an overflowing storage garage in the States. Your photos are lovely, and just think of all the fun you will have finding new treasures! Hope to see you in Paris soon!
    Bonne chance with your big event!! It will be a smash!


  15. Heidi replied:

    I loved your previous post also and these pictures from the first to the last …I’m in love!


  16. Designer Chik (@thedesignerchik) replied:

    So excited to see your wares tomorrow this has to be a daunting task I do not envy…Great luck on finding homes for your treasured beauties!


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