catch a falling star

hi guys, how was your weekend? i hope you had a chance to kick back a little. i took an hour at the beach personally but mostly have been tethered to this laptop working furiously on my site.  getting to the blog is second only to the beach as an indulgence. i’m signing with relief knowing this will be the last thing i do tonight. and maybe finish an old movie.

i can finally exhale and speak freely about about oh so secret project i’ve been working on, whew!  it’s a ‘tastemaker tag sale’ held on march 22nd.  i’m beyond excited to be working with one king’s lane. of course i wanted to do a container sale but we’ll have to see if we can manifest that once this one happens!  getting it together has been bittersweet cause so much of what i’ve been collecting has come to the apartment and i lovw living with it. especially the art from paris. it’s all in the sale and i’m nostalgic knowing it’s truly one of a kind. art is just like that i guess when it speaks to you!

i had the top shot of jean harlow on my desktop all weekend and just realized that she’s the inspiration my bedroom at the moment.

anyway i wanted to capture everything  while it’s here. the chandelier is jerry-wired to my ceiling fan, there are no curtains and it’s totally un-done.

i love waking up to this painting on the desk across from my bed.

well there’s sill a little night left so i’m going to dim the lights and call it a nuit.

and thanks for helping me with the photo you guys. your input made me stop second guessing everything. hope you have a sweet night and deep dreams!

March 19, 2012. OKL.


  1. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    You are one talented girl……..bee-you-tee-ful!


  2. Nikon replied:

    Just amazing Claudia. It’s all so beautiful beyond words. What a gift you have!
    (Jean Harlow is one of my all time favorites – so you started just right!)


  3. vintageandart. replied:

    Your apartment is totally beautiful….l’m lovin’ the mix of girlie, contemporary and vintage.


  4. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Dreamy, Romantic, Vintage Hollywood Regency, touch of Modern mix!!! Wow, Claudia, you know how to put it together! Your style is very inspiring, as always!


  5. Clare replied:

    Oh yes! I can definitely see the Jean Harlow style in your boudoir :-) Love it! Such a lovely bedhead. I can’t wait till my bedroom is exactly how I want it…

    ~ Clare x


  6. Jean replied:

    So glad you could finally tell everyone about the One Kings Lane sale. So exciting. Its going to be the best sale ever!


  7. Mom replied:

    Just when I thought I had it figured out you surprised me again! No wonder we can never second guess you. Absolutely fabulous!


  8. Rosemary replied:

    Love the eclectic mix in the room. The headboard is beautiful, and I’m a big fan of vintage paintings.


  9. Rebecca Grace replied:

    How exciting! I can imagine it’s hard to let these things go, though — you wouldn’t have picked them to bring back if they didn’t speak to your heart somehow. Congratulations on your OKL deal and bonne chance!


  10. Peggy Braswell replied:

    I will take at look on OKL. Thanks for telling me. Love devouring all the details in JH bedroom + yours. xxpeggybraswelldesign


  11. HipSwap replied:

    Beautiful and elegant. The peacock feather and the chandelier are tied for my favorite pieces.


  12. shiree segerstrom replied:

    What a dream. Congratulations on One King’s Lane. My good friend and one time store manager is now working there and loves it. Shiree’


  13. CasaRosanna replied:

    I love your site and I love OKL. What a beautiful team. I can’t wait.



  14. christie repasy replied:

    Hi Claudia, I saw the photo of the pink aubusson cartoon and wondered if its for sale and if you have more photos of it? Thanks, Christie


  15. Laura Venosa DellaPorta replied:

    what a beautiful site to visit! Love it. xo Laura


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