the art of simplicity

good morning gang, how’s your week going? i have a photo shoot in an hour and finished the big job hanging over me. i treated myself to some pinterest time last night and found a smattering of simple pics full of inspiration.

it got me thinking about what makes a great shot. with all the visual stimuli over here lately it’s easy to fall into to the ‘more is more’ frame of mind. when i look at what makes a great pic it’s not always what’s in it but also what’s not.

what makes something memorable or at least noteworthy?

not complicated decor necessarily

or accessories or even flowers

clarity,  purpose, a  story

conveying something when nothing is happening

i’m going to simplify

not  cram it all in

so i’m off to go and do

and try to make today aboutr doing less, not more. at least where photography’s concerned!

have a great day!

March 14, 2012. Photography.


  1. phyllis replied:

    You are so right!
    Negative space is special space.
    I love those window ones…the dog looking out…and the flow-y pink
    Have a nice shoot :)


  2. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    Ah yes, I completely agree with the “less is more” approach, though I’m also guilty of simply having too many things I love… Tricky one ;-) Beautiful images. Have a lovely day xo


    • Karen Albert replied:

      Wonderful shots Claudia, I always have a challenge editing my own home; maybe because I have only (for the most part) items I really love!

      Art by Karena


  3. Shelly Gregory replied:

    It seems unanimous that “less is more”. And the second to the last photo with the chair, at the table, snuggled up by the window, that’s enough for me to have a peaceful moment in my day! “Aahhhh” is my sigh of contentment, as I sit in that chair with my coffee and reflect either on the start or the ending of the day! Lovely!


  4. This is Belgium replied:

    your bathroom mirror and light are perfect for a young couple who is looking for a simple solution just like that.. I sent your blog link on to them !


  5. Lelanie Slater replied:

    Wow, these images are beautiful in their simplicity. I find that the colours become a lot more pertinant when the scene is so simple.

    I like this less is less approach. I think I should give it a test drive for the res of the week.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Grand topic + great post.


  7. Rosemary replied:

    The older I get, the more I move toward simplicity. Love these shots.


  8. Nikon replied:

    Amazing shots, Claudia, and a great job of compiling a “best of” collection.
    I love the shots of the “minimilist” apartments.
    Of course the shot of the dog is a winner, too!


  9. Mom replied:

    Just a little too “less” for me, Claude. But then, you know what I like. LOL Mom


  10. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Beautiful, beautiful images Claudia….less is more…..we need to keep remembering this in all aspects of life don’t you think? Love this post…c’est magnifique!


  11. Judy replied:

    Simply Gorgeous! I love them all!
    So happy your projects are nearing completion! What a great feeling :)


  12. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Hi Claudia…Paris Rendez-vous again. Have you seen the images of Martyn Thompson in his new book “Interiors”?…..a perfect example of the less is more principle. Take a look…you won’t be disappointed.


  13. IsabelDS replied:

    Beautiful photos.
    Have a great day’


  14. raneytown replied:



  15. Milda replied:

    i love this. but where will all my chachki’s live? :-( Maybe they can have an apt all their own….


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