a simple and good morning


good morning! it’s monday before noon. amazing what it feels like to have some time to relax and breathe. (although truth is we’re rushing out the door and i have a milisec to do this). still a big project is over and it’s nice to have some emptiness for a minute. so much time is spent running around and even though today is no different, there’s no deadline, no endgame and maybe can take frantic down to mellow. i hope you have a day of peaceful pleasures amid your work and stop and smell the roses. i’ll try to too! have a great day!

March 26, 2012. Peace. 13 comments.

that’s a wrap

hi guys, happy sunday. i hope your weekend has been great, it’s far from over and still early morning so we have the whole day to enjoy. claudia and i have been wrapping meticulously all the smalls from the okl sale, (you would be proud, sande)! now we’re off to brunch and the lincoln road antique market to enjoy a little downtime. we’re ready to start the next project and wrap this one up so more on that soon. ps for everyone who entered the giveaway, i can’t pick just a couple people and i truly have something for EveRyOne! we’ll close that giveaway now, so if you do want a little something, send your address to and i’ll send a little piece of paris from my stash. in the meantime, enjoy a beautiful day with the ones you love!

Note: morning! it’s been 24 hours and  i have to close the giveaway somewhere.. if you already wrote i’ll send something out but if not no worries, we’ll have another one soon!

March 25, 2012. Giveaway. 14 comments.

toi que j’aime!

hi guys, happy friday! there’s a nice calm over here and we’re getting organized to pack stuff from the sale and ship it all pretty. claudia came down and having her here helps more than she knows! it’s great to slip away for a minute and come by. going thru all the  stuff i realized how long i’ve been collecting everything from perfume labels to dance cards. the combination of playing with the camera and realizing how much you appreciate the small details in life, made me want to shoot a couple and hold a  giveaway!

some of it you can see above but these are a couple of my favorites. one is this tiny dance card from a ball in paris held in 1903. gentleman would request a polka or a waltz and she’d pencil him in if she was free (or he was handsome)!

another you may remember are letters to gabrielle with the criss cross writing. apparently it was a trend in the 1890s when you wanted to write something intimate and romantic that would be hard to decipher.

anyway since it’s been such a blast on okl i thought it would fun to share some of the things with who better than you?  so if you’re into ephemera leave your name and we’ll announce a winner on monday. till then, have a great day and start of a tres bon weekend!

March 23, 2012. Giveaway. 50 comments.

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