cracking the whip

hi guys! i have only a milisec before my computer dies and/or claudia forces me back to work. we have lots to prep for tomorrow but i wanted to do a quick post.  claudia helped me arrange the shelves and liz had the idea to hang the chandi by a dowel between the bookcases.

i’ve been wanting to do this wall and especially the nooks for so long but just couldn’t motivate. sometimes it takes friends as we all know! i took a couple vignettes but have a lot more to fit into this day so gotta run.

more soon, have a great day!

February 13, 2012. Decorating, Projects.


  1. Nikon replied:

    The photos are so beautiful!
    What a great place you are creating.

  2. ParisienSalon replied:

    Love it!! The two Claudias create magic together!

  3. Jill replied:

    Beautiful space! Absolutely lovely! All your hard work definitely paid off.

  4. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    I agree, Claudia I & II are quite a team! Looks marvelous.
    A big hello to Claudia II for me.
    Take care,

  5. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    A riot of colour, patterns and inspiration! A fabulous creation! xo

  6. Ivy Clad replied:

    I love the way this turned out– just beautiful!


  7. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    Love it! You are inspiring me to do the same. I’m sure I would work a lot better with a lovely space like that to work in.

  8. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Awesome awesome awesome! Needed this inspiration today! Yay!

  9. Mandy (à la parisienne) replied:

    I LOVE it!!! Okay, seriously these images are going to spread like wildfire~they are so stunning. I love the elements of symmetry, the elements of color, nature, glamour, and the unexpected. These are going on my Pinterest if that’s okay.

    Bon travail à tous!


  10. Lily replied:

    So gorgeous !! Love it.


  11. Jennelise replied:

    Oh my gosh! It’s so stunning! I love everything! :)

  12. Clare replied:

    It’s looking fab! Loving it!

    ~ Clare x

  13. Karen Albert replied:

    Amazing and I adore the middle stool below your desk!

    Art by Karena

  14. The Paris Apartment replied:

    that means so much to me everyone, thank you!
    it’s a lot more inspiring to live in, i’ll say that!

  15. Jean replied:

    I just showed Conor the photo, and he asked if it was in France, he said it looked very French, like it was in “Paree”!

    Looks great.

  16. Merillion replied:

    Love your desk area and the shelves – looks great!
    (and the chandelier)

    Don’t wear yourself to a frazzle, & Good Luck with everything.
    what is a frazzle, anyway??

  17. Heidi replied:

    I love it , who couldn’t walk away totally inspired…I am!

  18. This is Belgium replied:

    wishing you a great day !

  19. mari replied:

    How clever to suspend the lighting from a dowel between the bookcases.
    What a team to create “Wow!”

  20. Rebecca Grace replied:

    This is fabulous! What an inspirational space for creative work. I’m getting so many ideas — at some point this year, I need to to reclaim my studio, reorganize, purge, and make it more of an inspiring workspace instead of a landfill… :-) I’m going to be shamelessly copying some of your ideas, too, especially the wallpaper, because I know I have odd roll ends of some gorgeous wallpapers up there, buried in fabric and other decorating debris because they were too beautiful to throw away. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Mom replied:

    I like it, too!

  22. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    Fabulous! What more can I say?

  23. Heidy replied:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Such a creative space!
    It makes me think of a mood board with all the different objects,colors, full of ideas and inspiration!
    Good job! Lovely ;)

  24. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    The chandelier looks fantastic between the 2 bookshelves . Love that idea . Bisous

  25. Ariel replied:

    Claudia this looks AMAZING! I am so inspired! Love all the mixture of patterns, colors, and textures. Absolutely lovely. Feeling the creative energy all the way in Tallahassee. Hope all is well!


  26. Milda replied:

    OMG, Claudia. I love this. Its so beautiful and gives me inspiration for my lil pink studio!

  27. ernø replied:

    Thank you so much for your perfect selection !

  28. HSG replied:

    Looks lovely, a real mix of interesting objects and colours

  29. Laura replied:

    Just adorable!
    Greetings from Rome.

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