a work in progress

hi guys! how is your week going? i guess for most of us we’re happy that tomorrow is friday~

i’m rushing out as usual but started this project yesterday and thought if i don’t post now that it just won’t happen since every minute from now till monday is booked solid. i’m shooting for my event on monday and tuesday,  and one of the shots will be my home or office.  the office has definitely taken a backseat and since my bff claudia is here we decided to use the wallpapers from paris to give it a quick facelift.

the plan was to use a single pattern across the wall but when there wasn’t quite enough we went another route and decided to make the whole wall an inspiration board by using a mix of papers.

normally i wouldn’t post a ‘during’ but since we’re crunched for time bit the bullet and i’m just posting as is for today. tomorrow we’ll put some of the finishing touches on.

for now it’s in disarray but tomorrow we’ll get some flowers, work on the shelves and basically zhush it up! till then i’m off cause  now i’m late as usual! bonne nuit!

February 10, 2012. Decorating.


  1. Amy replied:

    wow. that’s…gorgeous.


  2. Renee replied:

    Love this! So pretty!


  3. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Love it already! C’est trés bon!


  4. Nikon replied:

    It looks fabulous, Claudia!


  5. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    Looks great, Claudia! Love what you have done here.
    Have a nice evening.


  6. Rosemary replied:

    I love the mix of papers, Claudia. It’s unique, and makes a great focal point.


  7. Charlie replied:

    I love this look-so fresh


  8. Clare replied:

    Well, it already looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it once it’s zhushed even more haha!

    ~ Clare x


  9. peggy braswell replied:

    Can’t wait to see the Zhushed product shot. “I will be waiting with baited breath” as they say(who is they?) xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  10. Merillion replied:

    Claudia – Very attractive solution!


  11. pariscafe54 replied:

    nice..but i’d put a large mirror up also. to open it up and reflect light.


    • MotherLodeBeth replied:

      I LOVE that idea ParisCafe54!!


      • pariscafe54 replied:

        lol..thanks motherlodebeth. nice to know i’m on the same page as someone else sometimes. ;) i like the idea of feeling i’m looking outside a window. ideally, would be great if there was a window facing opposite. cheers!


      • The Paris Apartment replied:

        I love it too! Wish that side reflected the ocean tho!


  12. à la parisienne replied:


    Your office is looking very chic. I am becoming more and more drawn to wallpapers, and I really like the look of different panels of wallpaper put together. My favorite wallpaper you used is that chartreuse with that beautiful design! Very striking!
    Enjoy your busy weekend and photoshoot!



  13. Heidi replied:

    I love this too….I agree your office is looking very chic!! Have a great weekend!


  14. Jean replied:

    Wow, that looks great! So exciting that you’re shooting. The time has just flown by, I’m sure much faster for you than for me!! Its going to be great, I know it.


  15. Rebecca Grace replied:

    I love the mix of wallpaper patterns! You should be all, “I meant to do that!” ;-) Another look I’m digging is papering all in one pattern, but alternating colorways from one strip to the next. There are so many possibilities for wallpaper. Anyway, I think your office looks fabulous.


  16. Shelly Gregory replied:

    It’s unanimous, your wallpaper mix is a perfect choice! It’s one of those successful ideas born out of “crunch time”! Love it! Can’t wait to see more!


  17. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I’m so glad you were short on wallpaper, the result in stunning and unique!


    • MotherLodeBeth replied:

      Years ago I was on a tight budget and had a small wall to wallpaper, and for $5 a local store that sold wallpaper, sold me a sample book.

      I carefully took the book apart, and used the 20 inch by 20 inch square that were black and white designs, to make a ‘quilt’ like design on the small wall in our cottage.

      It was so popular with visitors, who saw it as a work of art. The use of wallpaper shown with the five designs reminded me of my wall.


  18. Rhonda replied:

    Love Love Love it – j’adore your work space! I’m coveting your long table.


  19. Heidy replied:

    I found your blog by accident and I feel so excited to have found a group of people that love everything Parisian like I do!
    I love your photographs, very creative and inspirational!!!


  20. Style Maniac replied:

    FABULOUSLY brilliant idea to put together the strips of wallpaper like that! I am so stealing this … also adding to my Pinterest :)


  21. christine95037 replied:

    GORGEOUS, my old friend!


  22. christine95037 replied:

    where can i get your white ‘bookcases’?? couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere….


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