where the days go

hey guys! how’s your week going? i’ve been running around like crazy cause phase one of the event i can’t yet mention is coming quick. we shoot on february 13 and 14. so i’m upholstering, making pillows, editing spreadsheets and almost too tired to blog. but when i was going thu my phone i thought you may enjoy a little of it. i have about a minute left to share it. (my guy and i said no computers after dinner tonite so it’s now or never)!

we cracked open the warehouse and there are lots of pretty things but everything needs to be tweaked so i did some fabric shopping today. i love graphics and a few of these vintage benches above could use a mod pick-me-up!

i didn’t even get any of these but it was funny to see what i shot at the end of the day. actually i did get one

i was getting into the linens

and prints

this one was embroidered. it’s the one i got (for a long lucite bench)

scenes from the warehouse

tiny chandeliers

palm beach green circa 1970!

feather tables

well my date’s here, gotta go, more tomorrow!

February 2, 2012. Fabric, Projects, Shopping.


  1. Ivy Clad replied:

    I love the vintage benches! And the tiny chandeliers! And the Palm Beach green 1970s mirror! I guess I love it all. I found a frame similar to the Palm Beach green last summer at a summer camp where I take my kids. It had been taken out of a cabin and laid against a wall near the trash cans!!! I couldn’t believe my good luck. I looked around, then tucked it under my arm and carried it home. :)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with those fab benches!!



  2. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Love those pics! And love that embroidered print you got, plus the linen & prints. As usual, I want most of it.
    Enjoyed looking.
    Have fun!



  3. Connie replied:

    Is that green chandelier really called Vaseline Glass? I love that!


  4. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    You chose a beautiful piece to upholster the bench. Love all of these fabrics. can’t wait to learn what you are up to.


  5. Karen Albert replied:

    I love your super stash of finds in the warehouse!! I would love to go shopping with you girl!

    Art by Karena


  6. DLP replied:

    cute green mirror, I want, please..


  7. Nikon replied:

    What a great collection! I love the chandeliers & the mirror! Have fun :)


  8. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Ummm…sounds like it’s going to be an interesting event. Looking forward to seeing the final result. A bientot.


  9. pariscafe54 replied:

    do the people with the warehouse really have to stash chairs on top of upholstered furniture. the piece in the top picture closest to the front of the photo may have some serious denting :((


  10. Vicki Archer replied:

    What an Aladdin’s Cave of goodies… Hope you are having fun with this project Claudia… xv


  11. Jules replied:

    How delicious it all looks and how reminiscent of my days with the shop! I can feel my fingers itching again!!!!! The little chandelier is gorgeous!!!!


  12. Jacqueline J. replied:

    Adore those two patterns, navy blue/lime green, at top.


  13. peggy braswell replied:

    Am looking for a tiny chandelier for a UK client. Will send this to her. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  14. Monica Shulman replied:

    every single thing that you’ve been sharing lately is SO GOOD. SO. GOOD. I am obsessed with these fabrics and patterns. I wish I could touch them. But that blue one is so textured l feel like I am touching it with my eyes staring intently at the screen. I simply LOVE it.


  15. Heidi replied:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING……oh my I could just go on and on…that green mirror how fun is that…..


  16. Heidi replied:

    oops I forgot to say…have a great date!


  17. aida replied:

    I would like to wish you, first of all, the greatest year, since so many of your dreams are about to come true and I truly wish you the best, eventhough I do not know you in person; but I guess that when a person decides to share a bit of her life for years with total strangers, and those on the other side decide to follow those flashes willingly, effortlessly and eagerly we kind of become friends. I´m from Portugal, I do not post very often but I follow your blog daily, anticipating with excitment what the news are going to be this time, never disappointing and always revigorated and inspired. Secondly I’d like to thank you for letting a door open for us, so that we could appreciate through the years the way you’ve evolved into someone so inspiring, so creative, so meticulous, so spontaneous, but above all, so genuinely true to yourself. Thank you, for I have also grown with you. I’ll keep on coming here, visiting you, hoping that if you come to my country one day, I’ll have the pleasure of welcoming you personally, opening then the doors of my house to you and hoping that you’ll feel at ease, just like I do, everytime I come to your blog.I invite you to visit mine as well http://cottoncandy-peaches.blogspot.com/
    Cheers to you! Keep on being very Happy!


  18. Carina replied:

    So looking forward to you posting more about the event. Loving the mystery.


  19. Fashion-isha replied:

    Wow I want each of those pieces, the fabric is stunning, and the chandeliers are amazing!!


  20. Top 4 Tips for Selecting a Color to Paint Your Furniture replied:

    […] Hollywood Regency Colors Seen In A Painted Mirror- The Paris Apartment Blog […]


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