this is only a test

hi guys! how’s your day going? all is/was well here till i noticed an app i downloaded seems to have moved things around on my blog formatting. i’m just stopping to do a test post and say allo! hoping you have a great night. my grand plan includes getting some time to surf and see what everyone else has bee up to!

January 24, 2012. technology.


  1. renee finberg replied:

    what’s doing babe?


  2. wendy replied:

    Tis working just fine


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi wendy
      thanks for saying so…but when you see it are all the links on the right side? mine is showing the title of my last post and none of my buttons unless i click that title…now i’m seeing the comments on the right sidebar!
      what do you see and thank you for the help!


  3. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    Beautiful photo :-)


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      oh thank you and hi claire! i was just trying to remember your website today! I have a client I’m sending your way!


  4. peggy braswell replied:

    Looks like it is working. Love the image.


  5. Merillion replied:

    Hi, Claudia –

    On my email it shows the lovely photo and your message.

    On your site, it shows the same in center plus comments; ads, favorites, and archives are in the 1st left column all the way down the page. Looks ok to me.


  6. Merillion replied:

    Excuse me, should be “in the 1st left column on the Right side, all the way…”


  7. Nathalie replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    When I clicked on the main title “the paris apartment” it refreshed with the home page yet the right hand column and links within disappeared. (On IE8). Just wanted to let you know.
    bon nuit!


  8. Diane replied:

    I received my book, I am so excited. Thank you so much, I blogged about it at
    Again love your book, Di@cottage-wishes


  9. Jacqueline J. replied:

    “Allo” in return.


  10. Heidi replied:

    These roses are lovely!


  11. Brooklyn, EAT your heart out! replied:

    I love this photo! ;o)


  12. Jules replied:

    For a test post it is very, very pretty!
    I see no problems with the page here!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      danke you guys! what happened was that i was trying to upload a photo from my ipad which you can’t do, so i used an app. the photo itself was too big and pushed the formatting off. was it the pic or the blog or the app? hard to say but good to know! thanks again for your help!


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