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hi guys what’s happening? it’s way late but i wanted to get here before turning in and share a little of what i’m working on. starting to anyway. i’ve been meaning to go through my pics from paris and organize them for a book about the city’s flea markets.  so tonight i had the time and busted in to the jules valles folder. jules is one of the sub-markets at clignancourt in and a little off he beaten path but definitely a market to be reckoned with.


it’s an affordable, two aisle covered market brimming with good loot. i was hoping to get back this month to grab a few things for the big event coming up but i just can’t see getting on another plane right now.

the as of yet undisclosed event is on march 22nd. it takes 4-6 weeks by container so chances are i could miss the boat if the stars don’t align.

but it is tempting, this little marche! i thought you may enjoy a stroll down memory lane with me~

a couple of really dramatic booths amid lots of good chaos

an abundance of textiles

tassels and linens




that aforementioned chaos

and french moderne

so maybe i won’t get back for awhile but at least there are the shots to remember it by!  well, have a great night mes sweetpeas, a demain!

January 17, 2012. Clignancourt Flea Market, Clignancourt Market Paris, Jules Valles, Paris Flea Markets.


  1. Laura replied:

    These photos are fabulous! I should plan to go on one of your shopping trips!


  2. Nikon replied:

    That place looks fabulous! But I think if I had all of those goodies to look at, it would be a case of sensory overload.
    Wow, amazing photos, Claudia!


  3. Carina replied:

    Yes, please, a Paris Apartment guide book to the Paris fleas is a must! Can’t wait to hear about your undisclosed event.

    Sending hugs for you and your family and hope your Dad’s health is improving. xo


  4. Shelly Gregory replied:

    YUM YUM YUM!!! All too enticing! It is a dream of mine to shop the antiques/flea markets in Paris and Italy. Thank you for the lovely stroll down memory lane. And, I ditto another book–of ANY kind regarding decorating or shopping the antique/flea markets–from you!


  5. Rhonda replied:

    All I can say is ….sigh…..what an incredible brocante. Your flea market book sounds wonderful!


  6. Whats the Story Morning Glory replied:

    I would love a book on the Paris flea markets. It is a dream of mine to someday get there. I love all the beautiful mirrors and frames and the textiles. Makes my heart skip a beat. I live in Western Canada and we just don’t ever get such beautiful items here. Iif I had enough money I would love to bring home enough items to open a store. Oh to dream.


  7. J. Quigley replied:

    Caught this post rushing off to work, but had to comment. These markets are breathtaking! All I can say is WOW!



  8. ParisienSalon replied:

    I LOVE those frames! Can’t wait to see the book!!!


  9. Sandy Wright replied:

    Wonderful! I want to see more….and please, when is your next shopping trip, I want to go!


  10. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    Oh, I could have so much fun here, Claudia! So many beautiful things to see.


  11. Brooklyn, EAT your heart out! replied:

    Great photos! I’m new to your blog….and totally addicted. ;o)


  12. Angela/ParisienneFarmgirl replied:

    AHHHH! One of my fav’s too! Such memories!!!!
    It’s been way to long for me. Sigh.

    I get giddy just looking at these photos! Thanks for sharing!
    Angelathe Parisienne Farmgirl

    Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine


  13. replied:

    oh- i hardly can breath.. so much beauty in these pictures! wonderful flea market! i LOVe vintage and antiques!


  14. Sarah replied:

    I just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it – combining the ages of Enlightenment and Art Deco shows a rare species of courage!


  15. à la parisienne replied:

    That stack of gilded French mirrors is enough to make me hop on a plane to Paris:)



  16. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Gorgeous…coming over in April and can’t wait to visit all those wonderful antique markets.


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