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hi guys, how’s was your weekend? for me it seemed to fly by fast but i had a little time to myself tonite and of all the things to do in the world, couldn’t wait to spend it with my blog buds! going thru the recent posts and comments again has left me feeling inspired and regenerated. so this is the second installment of a smattering of the talents who just said hello. i’m just compelled share the bounty. hope you enjoy and meet some new friends. have a great rest of a nice long night!

blue lime photo

renee finberg

vintage revival

oh my yes

shelly gregorys lush life

bead board up country

chalk and talk jenny

mr erno

ballet pump sand roses


vintage and art

leaves you wanting more

fabulousfindsstudio via Julie L. Light on Pinterest

January 30, 2012. Blogroll, Friends. 24 comments.

flourishing friendships

ivy clad

it’s already getting late but i wanted to post what i’ve been thinking about all day. it’s getting to visit new and old blog friends who have left recent comments. thanks guys for helping me when i was having a formatting crisis, asking about my dad (he’s totally fine)! and just shouting back when i said hi.

i got a chance to visit some of your blogs today and feel so much better for it!

i’ll add everyone to the blogroll.

if anyone ever wants to exchange blog links let me know.

brooklyn eat your heart out

in the meantime, meet some new friends with me!

ok back to work!  have a great night!

January 27, 2012. Blogroll, Friends. 26 comments.

time is of the essence

hi gang! i am in and i’m out as heidi would say. i’m on reserve power and it’s midnight on the dot so it’s time to wrap it up toute de suite! just wanted to stop by and share one of the pieces i came across today. my sister in law found them in paris and gave me them to me to matte and frame for the upcoming event.

it’s one of a few original hand painted designs, this one for a wall. i love the details and the free hand of the artist, the way he make swirls and fleurs, i swoon! anyway hope you enjoy,  i’m down to less than 2 mins power so bon nuit!

January 26, 2012. Architectural Elements, art. 13 comments.

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