faithful friends who are dear to us

hi everyone, happy saturday. i hope you’re already off to a great weekend. feels like i’m just passing thru these days, but do want to keep up to date with everything since as you know this is one of the few places that keeps me focused and sane. by the time i get home at night i can’t even lift the lid of my laptop, so i figure at least if i make a drive by, then i can come and visit you for awhile tonight.

 i was supposed to go to the city but it was just was impractical with so much to do around the house. we’re still at it, cleaning, decorating and fixing things so dad will be comfy once he gets back. we even converted his swivel recliner into a sturdy four legged new fangled model.  my furniture career finally paid off!

not to be repetitive but sharing a few more of the vintage friends. who says objects are inanimate? these little familiar friends are definitely sending good vibes and memories surging through the house. my gram and mom were always over the top with the decorating and when i was a kid i’d love helping.  in florida it never really seems like christmas so i really don’t do much. now that i’m here, everything old is new again. mom and dad made this paper mâché tree topper angel their first christmas together, i guess before any of the kids were around although one was on the way. she’s still the same after all these years.

well, we’re off and running out the door once again. thanks for all your good wishes, we’ll rendezvous chez vous tonight!

December 17, 2011. Holidays.


  1. Kate replied:

    This is so homey. It makes me happy!


  2. Vicki Archer replied:

    Much better to stay put Claudia… Your parents must be so happy to have you home… xv


  3. Nikon replied:

    Good to know that you are keeping busy. Better yet that things seem to have stabilized.
    You’re lucky that you are not alone – that the family is strong.
    I hope that everything continues to improve.
    Your pictures of the ornaments are great – my favorite is the middle one. I love the colors :)
    Have a great weekend. Please continue to keep us informed!


  4. Rhonda replied:

    I just love those spun cotton snowmen, too! How sweet, your parents have their first tree topper? That is so sweet.

    Have a wonderful evening and know we are all so happy everything turned out fine, in the end. Gotta love those angels that surround us.


  5. phyllis replied:

    Ha! My mother made that very same golden angel when I was a little girl!
    Must have been something they spotted on Pinterest, you think? :)


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