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hi gang, hope you’re having a great week! we’ve been busy over here working on the website and trying to get things photographed and listed. today’s pics are two little peacock colored vases i got last month in paris. they are about as big as large eggs and incredibly delicate.

liz is having me shoot more mood shots instead of just dry images for the site so here are a couple. she was having a blue moment  and i went with it. it’s a lot more fun to play when you have a friend to shoot with.

in other news, we have our winners from the drawing the other day! would the following two darlings send your email to me at claudia@theparisapartment.com asap?

judy from petitcreeklavender.com

and mari of way good day

if you didn’t win that once, guess what? glitteratti is giving us these two more books to play with! they’re sending them over for review and i’m giving them away! if you’d like a chance to win just say so!

Coco Chanel by Douglas Kirkland

Stealing Magnolia’s Tales From a New Orleans Courtyard

December 6, 2011. Books, Decorating, Giveaway, Paris, Photography.


  1. Kay Ellen replied:

    Pretty, Pretty!

    Kay Ellen


  2. Susan Gosman replied:

    Would love one of the books – nice winter reading.


  3. Pat Herndon replied:

    Yes, I would love to win one of the books. They both look great.


  4. Lelanie replied:

    Count me in. I would love to win something. :)

    ps- Those small blue vases are stunning! The peonies look amazing in them. What a great find.


  5. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I want to win and I’m saying so right now :)
    Have a fabulous day!


  6. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Put me down to win! However, those first pics with the Peacock blue vases, touched with pink flowers inspires a winning attitude! Beautiful and uplifting!


  7. Laurie replied:

    I would love one of these books. What an excellent Christmas present.


  8. Emily LaRene replied:

    Isn’t waygoodday so sweet? She’s my mama! <3 Congratulations!


  9. JAR replied:

    Those books look fabulous! I’d love to wrap one for someone special to find under the tree!


  10. à la parisienne replied:


    Your peacock vases look gorgeous-what unique pieces!

    Enjoy shooting your pics for the boutique. I think that’s probably my favorite part of selling online is the photographing, although if I were shopping for my items in Paris, it would definitely be shopping the fleas.

    Have a great day!


  11. ParisienSalon replied:

    Love the vases! So pretty!!!


  12. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    Fabulous books! I am sending my daughter here.
    Claudia, the vases are amazing.


  13. Susan replied:

    The vases are just lovely. I love they are the size of egg, I keep shaping them with my had to visualise. The blue and gold are such lovely muted tones, that the pink gets to pop all on its own. Beautiful.


  14. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    HI Claudia!
    SOO busy these days getting things “ready”. How are you????? Let me say I LOVE that pink and gold piece below your current blog….. And I might have a client for those peacock vases……..Email me pricing and a pic will you???????xo Maryanne


  15. J. Quigley replied:

    I would love to win one of those gorgeous books. Add me to the list! And I want to add that the blue vases from Paris are beautiful along with the great shots of the peonies.

    Thank you,



  16. Nikon replied:

    The pictures are beautiful, Claudia! The blue of the vases and the pink of the flowers – just gorgeous!


  17. Brandy replied:

    As always, your photos are magnifique!
    And, bien sur, I would love to be entered in your drawing for the books!
    Thank you ever so!


  18. Jean replied:

    Oh, those blue vases look pretty! The remind me of Paris. Sigh.


  19. Rhonda replied:

    Oh my, you had me at Coco Chanel…really, you did!!!
    Those peacock vases are so beautiful….especially with the pink flowers. Paris-licious, is that a word?


  20. Clare replied:

    Oooh! Oooh! I’d love a chnace to win such beautiful books!! You’re too wonderful.

    ~ Clare x


  21. Joni Webb replied:

    gorgeous!!!! love those vases.


  22. Dixie Nichols replied:

    I have made room in my bookcase!


  23. Irina replied:

    Those little vases are gorgeous! What a find, Claudia!
    Wish I can win any of these two books :)


  24. Ann replied:

    Two of my favorite things, Chanel and New Orleans! I would love to win these!


  25. Jill replied:

    Please count me in.
    Love the vases – they remind me of Faberge.


  26. Josette replied:

    Would love to win one of those beautiful tomes…..Please throw my hat in the ring.




  27. Bonnie replied:

    Count me in… I’d love to win too! Check your email on Facebook for a fabulous Estate Sale this weekend in Los Angeles with some great antiques and dresses! Could we let your readers know? Thanks a big bunch!


  28. Evelyn replied:

    Please put my name into your bag for the book drawing! Would love the Chanel one. Thanks for doing this for your readers.


  29. Marilyn replied:

    Re the glitterati books, I’d love a chance to win – especially the Chanel.
    Thanks, Claudia
    Love those small vases with the big beautiful peonies.


  30. Andrea replied:

    I’d love me some Chanel….ohh myyy


  31. awedsilence replied:

    Reblogged this on awedsilence.


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