it’s not that complicated

the dandelion chronicles

whew! tgif guys, hope you are gearing up for a fantastic weekend. liz and i have been working hard over at chez moi, catching up, shooting and organizing. in fact she’s due in about a minute so i have to jet but wanted to say hi and although there are a million pics on my phone and camera, links to exchange, books to review and giveaways to attend to and orders to ship, i just wanted to leave you with an image that was so simple but so striking it reminded me that it doesn’t have to be so complicated this time of year. one strand of green can feel really festive. anyway that’s my two cents. happy decorating!

December 2, 2011. Decorating.


  1. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    Have a great weekend, Claudia!


  2. Rhonda replied:

    Oui, simple is great, I agree. Happy Friday and I adore this green looped on each window….so sweet!


  3. The Dandelion Chronicles replied:

    Wuaw, thanks! For the reference, the reader add, and the visitors who found their way to my little site because of yours.. :)

    Happy December,
    The Dandelion Chronicles


  4. Karen Albert replied:

    So true Claudia it is lovely!

    Enjoy the weekend!!


    Art by Karena


  5. Abigail replied:

    Elegance can come in the simplest forms. Love it :).


  6. Write Girl replied:

    I love the simplicity. Thanks for sharing this and happy decorating.


  7. Style Maniac replied:

    We are SO on the same page. As I just posted, I am also all about simple, easy, fresh and fun ways to celebrate the holidays this year.


  8. Anya adores replied:

    So simple and lovely.
    Happy weekend


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