all that glitters

hi guys! it’s been awhile and i hope you had a great holiday. ours was happy and everyone was grateful for the simple gift of the status quo. dad is back, cooking, enjoying his family and hopefully now, resting!

i’m in the city today and love this in between time when everything is a little quieter, slower and well, just sort of peaceful.

tomorrow it will come back to life with strangers singing and greeting each other in the streets, honking their horns and twirling noisemakers.

i don’t have big plans but love the idea of the glamorous new years party and all the sparkle and hope that come with the day.

maybe it’s a little early to wish you a happy new year (i hate rushing holidays)! so hopefully i’ll get back here to do just that. till then, happy nye eve!

ps: i’ve been laying low but this photo got me back blogging today. it’s a way to repurpose those champagne corks. i always hated throwing them out!

happy friday!

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pretty simple

hi guys, how’s everything? it’s been a couple busy days at mom and dad’s and the good news is that he’s coming home on thursday!


i can hardly keep up with mom who’s been doing everything from making pasta to taking doors down. she puts me to shame in the energy department. it’s all i can do to blog but did want to stop by and share some pretty pics from pinterest. the talent of these everyday photogs never ceases to amaze me.

i’m into super simple stuff right now, probably cause i’m on overload. these shots just reminded me that it doesn’t take much to make a big impact.

it’s almost midnight and we have to get up early to do a little training for when dad gets back. truth is he’ll do whatever the heck he wants but at least we’ll have some tricks up our sleeves for keeping him steady and stuff. believe it or not this sailor, archer and motorcyclist will be using a walker for awhile.


i hope your days are stress free and you’re enjoying some simple pleasures


i still haven’t done a thing and actually have been a bit stressed but am gonna take it down a notch.




worst case scenario i cut up a paper bag and trim gifts with greens from the holly bush


cause we all know what really matters…


well, i’m off to search for the greatest,  sweetest simple pleasure…deep sleep! bonne nuit! xc

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making the holiday rounds

one of the best things about the holidays is visiting friends, even if it’s virtual! this is a collection of the most recent friends who came by and i just wanted to pass along some of their gorgeous blogs and inspiration. hope you get a chance to sit back and enjoy them as much as i do. there’s a lot to love in their blogs so i’ll wait till tomorrow to post some more. till then, have a great nuit!

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