this side of paradise

hi guys, how’s your week shaping up? it’s good to be back on the continent as they (used to) say. as much fun as paris is, it’s still takes every ounce of energy to tackle it, if only for a few days. i’m back in miami for a day and fly to nyc tomorrow for thanksgiving, savoring every moment at home before taking off again.

today i’m unpacking the goodies from the weekend and since i have to keep it all in one place till it gets shot, can enjoy it for awhile. my favorite was the very last piece we found. it’s a painting by an artist you may remember from the pochoirs i got a few trips ago by artist lucien victor guirand de scevola. this one stopped me in my tracks, an original oil in a gold frame from the 30s.

my little corner is showing signs of life so for as long as its mine, i’m gonna really enjoy it. hope you do too! back to unpacking and hanging stuff up!

November 23, 2011. art, Paris.


  1. Nikon replied:

    That’s a beautiful little corner that you have there!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Claudia!


  2. ParisienSalon replied:

    I love that corner! Bon voyage à New York … and happy Thanksgiving!


  3. The Paris Apartment replied:

    you’re so cute, it’s pathetic really! needs flowers, a real chair under the painting and to light the candles! ;p


  4. yvonne replied:

    have a safe flight and a wonderful N.Y. Thanksgiving.
    I like your art work.


    Renee speaks highly of you.


  5. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    I can’t decide if the frame or painting are my favorite. Both so beautiful. I love the colors in the painting too.
    Have a fun Thanksgiving.


  6. meticulouscontentment replied:

    I love that little desk!


  7. sheri replied:

    Not only do I want that painting, I want the whole corner!!!


  8. Cris replied:

    How often do you update your Paris flea market ap? I want to be sure I can find the market with all that great art when I finally get to go!

    As always, thank you for sharing! I never would have thought there was such bounty in November!


  9. Vicki Archer replied:

    Gorgeous painting Claudia… it does look so at home in your little corner… Have a great Thanksgiving… xv


  10. Susan replied:

    I loved that painting in the first image. However I loved that it is so much smaller than it first appeared. It is like a secret peek into another world.


  11. Rebecca Grace replied:

    I want to LIVE in your painting. I want to lounge in bed in a prettty dress and have waiters hovering in the wings with — oh, maybe my latte? Bon bons? Wine and those little cheesey puff pastry things?

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  12. Therese Waddell replied:

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend and bon voyage.Therese


  13. The Dandelion Chronicles replied:

    I adore the writing table with the white feather… such a lovely tableau!


  14. lake norman homes for sale replied:

    what a cute little room! A bientot!


  15. Rik Wassenaar replied:

    I confess, I’m jealous on your acquisition of the Guirand de Scévola! But I wonder if it’s an oil … couldn’t it be a pastel? He was very accomplished in pastels (see my short biography of GdS in Cordialement, Rik Wassenaar, Holland


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