the art of the fleas

hi guys, ça va? i’ve been meaning to get here for what seems like days but they just have flown by. my clients left with armloads of treasures and i had my fun too.

looking back over the pics it seems that i’m in an artsy mood these days and am still smitten with the flea market art.

there’s a lot if it in every shape, price range, color and style.

i actually did get a few pieces (like the one above)

there a

and am going back for a couple more today.

as my guy says, you can’t buy it all so i hope you enjoy these as much as i did even if they’re not hanging over our mantles…yet!

have a great monday and i’ll be back a bit later with well, who knows what! À bientôt!

November 21, 2011. art, Fleamarkets, Paris.


  1. Nikon replied:

    Those paintings are quite stunning! There are several that are real knockouts!
    I love the way that you arranged them for the photos. You are so good at design!


  2. Beverly replied:

    Did you buy all of those? They are wonderful paintings!
    someday I will make it out to the Puce. Is monday a good day a visit?
    Merci for your sharing!


  3. christie repasy replied:

    So many wonderful paintings, a couple of them really caught my eye! thanks for sharing Claudia. XO Christie


  4. Vicki Bonne Amie replied:

    Gorgeous!!! Love old oils!!!


  5. Rhonda replied:

    These are wonderful, how could I choose a few? Merci pour le partage.


  6. Jean replied:

    Oh boy, those look pretty when you see them all together. Just got home. Was so much fun shopping with you!


  7. Merillion replied:

    Fun to look at these. I’m partial to the lady in the red hat.


  8. Clare replied:

    I just adore these paintings! Especially loving the lady with the red hat & the last lady looking in the mirror. Some of the ladscapes are lovely too.

    ~ Clare x


  9. marivic replied:

    i’m sooo jealous! I love old paintings sourced from flea markets!


  10. Kay Ellen replied:

    Beautiful Art!
    Looks like an amazing trip to the flea market:)
    Happy Thanksgiving Claudia!
    I hope you had a blessed day!


  11. à la parisienne replied:

    Okay, NOW I’ve died and gone to heaven. These images of stacks and stacks of vintage oils have my heart racing. That first image speaks to me so much-It’s the look I’m trying to create in Amelia’s room and our kitchen–vintage artist’s loft. I have been searching everywhere for a vintage oil painter’s board-where the painter mixes the paint (I am at a loss for the right word) . I would love to borrow the first image in this post for my blog/pinterest if that is okay.



  12. Abigail replied:

    What gorgeous things you find! The paintings are all so lovely <3


  13. Reading: Some Favorite Links in January replied:

    […] an art lover, a thrift lover, and a haven’t-been-to-Paris yet dreamer, I loved these photos of art from the Parisian flea […]


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