an ocean away

good morning guys! how’s the week going? i’m wrapping it up over here and getting ready for a long weekend in paris with clients. (i’ve always wanted to say that and it’s finally reality  :)

we’ll be shopping the markets and i’ll be hunting for gems for the ‘event’ that cannot be mentioned yet happening in early 2012. my sister in law suggested shopping early so the container would arrive way before so i invited her along and she accepted! we’ll be staying with my peeps at paris perfect and i’m looking forward that!

i’ve been trying to slim down so i can get back to my diet of  cafe and croissants on the go…

liz helped me pack this time, determined to make me a fashionista. uh huh! i promised to try even if it is sans le birkin. well, better get to tying up those loose ends. i really wish they’d bring the Concorde back so the trip could  be just 3 hours over the atlantic. how can we get that great technology up and running again and why did we have to scrap it altogether?

let me know if i can bring you something back for you. more from the other side!

November 16, 2011. Fleamarkets, Paris Trip, Shopping, Weekends.


  1. Amy replied:

    I always wished I had a packing fairy too when I left for Paris! ;) Enjoy mon cherie!


  2. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    Have a great time, Claudia!


  3. Ann replied:

    Have a wonderful trip! Do you ever bring back vintage jewelry? French rhinestones would look so good on me!


  4. freddyandpetunia replied:

    Oh you jet-setting/lucky girl—wish I was going for a long weekend too!
    –safe trip,


  5. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Damn, I’m turning green and my horns are peeking out again! I wish I was going shopping with you in Paris instead of digging trenches and stockpiling munitions in preparation for the Attack of the In-Laws next week…


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Funny, I’d like to have a couple of in-laws to impress right about now!
      Anyway you know I’ll take lots of pics and promise to pick up pretty things!
      We’re about to take off so thank you guys for the good wishes, j’taime!


  6. Merillion replied:

    Bring me back a warm croissant with melted butter, and some preserves on the side, please! :)
    I’ll make the cafe.
    Have a great time there.
    I love especially the 2nd photo, with the 2 lighted windows.


  7. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I decided to look again at some of your “older” posts, such as the whole page beginning with “Palm Beach Stories,” around Sept 2010. A feast for my eyes! (Had to put my head on my desk in front of the PC – a feast so rich!)
    It gives me lots of inspiration.


  8. ParisienSalon replied:

    I’ll be there on Monday morning, so let’s get together before you leave. Bon voyage, mon amie!


  9. Jennings & Gates replied:

    Wonderful pictures. So inspiring! Thank you.


  10. Fashion-isha replied:

    How cool is it when you have a dream and you can finally say you’re doing it! Amazing!


  11. Bren Ahearn replied:

    Have a great trip! You’re an inspiration!


  12. Carla Coulson replied:

    Thanks for the use of my photo!!! Believe me i struggle everyday with the croissant issue……….safe travels enjoy Paris Carla x


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      i believe it! are you here now? i’ll be giving in to my cravings as of first thing tomorrow morning….


  13. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I can’t wait to see what you are planning!


  14. The Paris Apartment replied:

    i wish i could tell you but they won’t let me announce till the event is closer!


  15. Rhonda replied:

    Well, if any image screams Paris the first two do to me!

    I saw the Concorde when we taxied into Charles de Gaulle Airport. Perhaps we can rent it?? Talk about a dream. 3 hours to Paris.

    Bon voyage and have the time of your life.


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