Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

that quote is attributed to the dear ralph waldo emerson who seemed to be able to sum everything up so succinctly! hi guys, happy monday evening. where did the day go? liz and i have been working around the apartment and on the site all day listing new pieces and editing the pages.

we seem to both be gravitating toward art which is something i love and studied but never really collected.

in our travels we’re finding art we love at consignment stores and antique malls. these are a couple we picked up, one’s a chagall litho that needs to be reframed, the others are unknowns but who’s to say what’s art?

anyway she thinks it’s making my apartment very grown up. guess i’ll have to toss some pop art in here! well i hope you’re about to have a great monday night and wind down your day!

November 14, 2011. art.


  1. Amy replied:

    In my opinion, art, like wine, is quality if YOU like it. Not anyone else. :) Glad you found pieces you love! I agree with your taste!


  2. ParisienSalon replied:

    Love the artwork. Can’t wait to see it … one of these days!


  3. Nikon replied:

    Very nice art. I wish my place had some!


  4. Petite Paris replied:

    i love chagall – nice one!


  5. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    LOVE the art! So simple and so beautiful, Claudia.
    Have a great Monday night yourself!


  6. Amy replied:

    Ahh, two of my favorites, Claud! The first is a serigraph by Picasso, and the second a Matisse. <3


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      you are amazing! do you know the titles?


      • Amy replied:


        Picasso's is "L'homme en prole a la paix", and Matisse's is simply "Sleeping Model". :)


  7. Susan replied:

    I love the simplicity of line work. They would be welcome and I would be privileged to have them in my world anytime.


  8. Diane replied:

    Just discovered your site – love the simplicity. Makes me feel good!


  9. pam robinson replied:

    may i be your client in paris????? xxxx


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