be it ever so humble

good morning guys! how’s your week shaping up? hope you had a great holiday. it’s back home for me after lots of traveling and good to feel refreshed. i’ve finished unpacking the stuff from paris and just hung another painting from the market. it’s the other little corner that needs TLC but as i always say, it’s a work in progress, not a one shot overhaul.

my sister in law jean took fabulous pics at the fleas and put them on picassa. the one below is from her set. she really captured the essence of the day, i love so many of the vendors and candids she got. if you get a chance, take a look here:

as you can see this one made it from the street to my wall. thought it would be fun to show where some of this stuff ends up. it’s mine for for awhile! well, there’s lots to do so i better jet. have a great wednesday!

November 30, 2011. Decorating, Paris Flea Markets. 18 comments.

hi guys, happy monday~

hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend. i spent most of mine avoiding technology but must say it’s nice to be back now that the sun is shining and my batteries have been recharged.

have a great day and lots of fun, more soon!

November 28, 2011. Life. 7 comments.

this side of paradise

hi guys, how’s your week shaping up? it’s good to be back on the continent as they (used to) say. as much fun as paris is, it’s still takes every ounce of energy to tackle it, if only for a few days. i’m back in miami for a day and fly to nyc tomorrow for thanksgiving, savoring every moment at home before taking off again.

today i’m unpacking the goodies from the weekend and since i have to keep it all in one place till it gets shot, can enjoy it for awhile. my favorite was the very last piece we found. it’s a painting by an artist you may remember from the pochoirs i got a few trips ago by artist lucien victor guirand de scevola. this one stopped me in my tracks, an original oil in a gold frame from the 30s.

my little corner is showing signs of life so for as long as its mine, i’m gonna really enjoy it. hope you do too! back to unpacking and hanging stuff up!

November 23, 2011. art, Paris. 15 comments.

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