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hi guys, hope your saturday is filled with doing just what you want to do. you’re here and i’m thrilled and am coming to visit you too! it’s my first time bit of downtime in some time and i’m indulging in blogging from bed. ooh la la. oops, not for long, there goes the door. more soon!

October 29, 2011. Living, Photography.


  1. renee finberg replied:

    what a fab pic of bardot!!!

    you need to come up and see your things
    and your other ‘thing’ ….


  2. Ro replied:

    Love that head board … going to copy the picture to my wish list project file. Would love to paint that on a wall and push my bed under it!

  3. Dentelline replied:

    I love this photo! Bardot est sublime comme toujours!
    Have a good evening, Claudia!

  4. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    So beautiful and the headboard is amazing!
    Have a nice Sunday.

  5. Fashion-isha replied:

    Love blogging in bed! So glad you got to relax!

  6. Rhonda replied:

    It tickles me to death to see you stopped by for a blog visit.
    To me, you are the Queen of blogging and decorating.
    Have a fab weekend.

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