what i wouldn’t do

happy friday! i’m about to turn into a pumpkin after a day of running around. i’m going thru pics from my trip but instead of the maison show, wanted to head back to my favorite place on earth, the flea markets. between the gems scattered everywhere and the people who make it happen, it’s endlessly inspiring. during the trip i interviewed my favorite vendors to profile them for a series i’m doing for belle maison. (first one is set to run next month i think).

so there’s no real rhyme or reason to this post. it’s just random stuff that passed by. the market is probably starting to open right about now in paris come to think of it. it’s midnight here and missing it is such a sad thought, i’d love to be there right now!

oh well,  let’s pretend we’ve got a coffee and croissant and just stroll through~

salon furniture: my weakness

digging through boxes is my passion!

of all the things i’ll pick up next time, fabric is priority. it’s easy to carry, mostly one of a kind and abundant.

and lace

i always leave with a ton of books. not as practical to carry as fabric but there’s nothing like  leather bound binding.

why? cause it’s silly!

are you into doors and windows? i am completely.

these are a few  shots from my friends who sell at clignancourt and will be in the articles. they talk about where they shop, what they collect, the family business and plans for the future.

i wanted to do the series cause it’s so easy to take the fleas for granted and run through them.

i admire and adore the people who show up to make it happen every single week come rain or shine.

whether you buy or not doesn’t even matter. it’s like disney; a place that’s just perfect, it’s own small world and i’m grateful for it.

well if you’re there this weekend enjoy, we’re there in spirit! bon weekend!

October 22, 2011. Paris Flea Markets.


  1. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Oh… It looks amazing!!!
    I love old books, especially ones with beautiful illustrations/plates and lovely embossed bindings! Those fabrics are gorgeous too!!


  2. Ivy Clad replied:

    Near the top of my list of “Places To Go Someday”: the Paris flea markets. Until then I shall just live vicariously through your posts! :)



  3. Dentelline replied:

    C’est génial les puces à Paris!
    J’adore car c’est gigantesque!
    Un grand choix de styles!
    Have a good day!


  4. Vicki Archer replied:

    I woud like to be there right about now too Claudia….xv


  5. MyCraftyHomeLife (@MyCraftyHomLife) replied:

    I am crying over the fabric!


  6. annawithlove replied:



  7. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I already pinned some of the photos…fabulous!


  8. Nancy Beasanski replied:

    absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!


  9. ParisienSalon replied:

    Loved it! I saw at least three pieces of furniture I wanted!


  10. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    There is just too much beautiful here! I LOVE the white chairs, and the doors are amazing.
    have a nice weekend, Claudia.


  11. finberg replied:


    i miss you AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    these pics make me really melancholy for clignancourt.

    xxx all the pics are great


  12. Merillion replied:

    Great pictures! And I love those carved doors (with the white paper taped to one of them).
    I, too, would love to go & see it all.


  13. Rhonda replied:

    No place I’d rather be and now because I have been there, I want to go even more. Vicious cycle.

    Great pictures, it brought it all back. Thank you.


  14. yvonne replied:

    I saw so many items I would buy, even if I had no place to put them. I’d hold them in my lap. This was a wonderful stroll. Thanks yvonne


  15. ann replied:

    Is there any way to contact the seller of the three gray velvet chairs. I would like to buy them. annorr@helix.nih.gov. Thanks, Ann


  16. Mohammed Mhsseb replied:

    I consider all that has passed by hand-making time. Is a treasure to be preserved


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