back in the saddle

hey guys, happy sunday!

it’s been almost a week since i’ve turned on the computer besides checking emails. it great to decompress and log off  for awhile.

there’s great stuff going on but to combine it with blogging, FB, tumblr, twitter, emails, articles, inquiries, orders and deliveries it was time to shut down and drive. liz and i have been traveling up and down the coast for the past couple days scouting and curating a really special collection.

but its sunday and i miss my bloggy world  ;)

these pics have been sitting in the folders i keep mentioning, (and they just end up getting forgotten) so i’m determined to go through them. i still get so much joy from the paris flea markets.

The creative dealers are making old suitcases into little loveseats!

the flea market was as much fun as ever but my trip in september was more about the maison objet and not so much a buying trip.

hOwEveR…i’m about to embark on a fantastic event that i can’t talk about yet, but suffice it to say  i’ll be heading back in january to get a container going (or at least part of one)! i’ll keep you posted on it. for now i’m looking at these pics less as just stuff i loved but now am asking if you’d want in your house?  your opinion means a lot to me so let me know what you’re looking for on your french wish list~

it will all be one of a kind

looking thru the pics it seems i’m into flea market art and will definitely be on the hunt for paintings.


i wanted this one for myself

this pretty book is signed by the author, colette!

i’m a sucker for ribbon and trim

and all the little things are the essence of the markets.  the elegance that is the paris fleas!

well i best jet, guest are en route for an early dinner! have a great night!


October 16, 2011. Paris, Paris Flea Markets.


  1. mlsilver620 replied:

    I’m becoming addicted. Just what I needed.


  2. Ivy Clad replied:

    Absolutely LOVE the paintings– all of them! And the French chairs (1st photos) and the trunks!

    Always love reading your posts!



  3. Rosa replied:

    Great photos! I feel like I’ve just been to the Marche aux Puce!


  4. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    Oh my goodness, Claudia! SO much beautiful here. The book by Colette, and that trim, my dear, is gorgeous! And the dining chairs- Perfect!
    Glad to see you back.


  5. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi teresa, glad you stopped by! i’ll come over!


  6. amber replied:

    I am doing up my house at the moment so would basically love an entire container of French treasures. At markets, I always like to keep my eye out for fabrics, clothes, beautiful books, fans, old tables and chairs (lots of those I dream of) and lamps. I also LOVE old suitcases. Hmmmm, enjoy!!!


  7. renee finberg replied:

    there is no question you have such an eye.
    and we would be fighting over that one painting.
    not really.
    but i love it too.


  8. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    I love the picture of the chairs!!!!!!! I’ll bet you have tons of pictures like this…… Always a pleasure to see yours………What a discovery to see the book with Colette’s signature!!!!!! You are such a god forager! Maryannexo


  9. Dad replied:

    Top photos! But I couldn’t keep myself from translating the page in Colette’s book:

    Pour madame Vicunet en souvenir d’un temps lointain où l’un se croyait “vagabonde” quand on avait fait le tour de la France dans des wagons de seconde classe, en trente-quatre jours et autant de music-halls,
    avec le sentiment très amical de


    For madame Vicunet, in memory of a long-ago time where one believed herself a vagabond while making a thirty-four day tour (and as many music halls,) across France in a second class train car,
    very sincerely,


    Stop me before I translate again!



  10. Amy replied:

    Oh gracious – this gold chain mail is ABSOLUTELY stunning!!!! Love it. thanks for sharing photos! :) Good to see you back on line! I went to the Foo Fighters concert this weekend (only my favorite band of all time – and Dave Grohl is quite easy on the eyes…) so, that was my way of decompressing this weekend. :)


  11. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Well, I started out with a severe case of Chair Envy at the beginning of your post, but then you struck a chord with the flea market art. I only had a few hours at Clignancourt in September, and it was my first time there so I’m sure I was looking in all the wrong places. I got this idea in my head that I would love to do a wall of portraits in my living room, and then we could make up stories about the people: “That’s Great-Great Tante Maude. She was a serial killer who went after people who wore ugly hats.” I did see some fabulous oil portraits in a couple of stalls at the flea market, but they were priced around 2,000 euros EACH and I wanted at least 5 of them to do a grouping. I would also love to find some 17th or 18th century landscape paintings. They don’t need to be famous artists, and they can even be reproductions as long as they have that je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference between French character/whimsy and Thomas Kincaid kitsch. So if you see anything like that, at price points that don’t require me to sell my children, please let me know!


  12. The Paris Apartment replied:

    Love it! Done and DONE!


  13. Cris replied:

    The leather trunks – I would definitely bring those back. They are a great size, useful, and have great patina.

    I was supposed to be going to Paris next year – we emailed about the little but lovely apartment you stay in sometimes and whether the bed would fit two people. My husband was suddenly let go a couple of weeks ago – heartbreaking and scary for many reasons. Right now your blog keeps me close to the dream of traveling and the hope that life will right itself again.


  14. Merillion replied:

    I love those pale green velvet chairs in first 2 pics, but I think I’m more partial to the totally oval back rather than the straight bottom back.
    And about the art, wd love to rummage through that rack! Portraits or still lifes or anything!
    and the trims!


  15. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Love the boy portrait …


  16. ParisienSalon replied:

    I saw at least a half dozen things I want for my apartment refresh! LOVE them!


  17. Dentelline replied:

    Very beautiful photos!
    I love these old things!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a good evening!


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