and the beat goes on

hey guys, how’s life?  i’m back stateside and caught up on everything but work. then again, like surfing the net, it’ll never be finished.  maybe i’ll scratch that off the to do list.

i’m winding down to watch my bravo ladies after a month without tv. before i go just wanted post a piece of paris that came in today from my new bff sophie at the market as our cross continental connection continues. she’s a lampshade lover like me and fell in love with the ones i picked up and posted last week. before i left ii showed her where they were stashed and can happily say they’ve fallen into the right hands. she’s an artist who’ll bring them back to life. the top shot is her fabulous creation with the shades in the box below and feather touches!

i bought two of the hot pink and she took the third. when she sent me her version this morning, i laughed at my new muse and it inspired me to do something with mine right away.  i happened to have a light in the car so it was obvious serendipity, especially since it was a feather sconce!

and i’m loving them tonight!  anyway it’s jolly good fun to have a pen pal who loves playing with with feathers and frills as much as i do. you too?

by the by, my coverage of the maison objet for lonny will post on their blog tomorrow and thursday. please go by and leave a comment if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to me.

have a great night!

September 27, 2011. Friends, Paris, Paris Flea Markets.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    Certainly will, and I LOVE the sconce!


  2. renee finberg replied:

    love it all!!!
    just dreamy.


  3. Marilou Belo replied:

    Looking at these lovely lampshades, I am reminded of my sisters new patented product “The Recess Light Shade” if you have a minute, check out her website This is a perfect solution for dressing up the ugly can light we all have in our homes!


  4. Karena replied:

    Claudia, your sconce is gorgeous!! I absolutely love it!!


    Art by Karena


  5. Julie@beingruby replied:

    I just love these shades.. all beautiful.. Julie


  6. Joni Webb replied:

    welcome home!


  7. Rosalie Kelsey replied:

    I think there’s a lamp here that I could do something like that with…………..
    Aren’t you just wonderful. Happy you made it back safe and sound. I’m excited to see the upcoming creations.


  8. Cynthia replied:

    Love the shades, especially together with the sconce. Glad you are back.


  9. Jennelise replied:

    I love both lights! These little shades add that little touch of whimsy. :)


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