head in the clouds

hi guys, ca va?

tomorrow’s my dernier jour en paris. one last chance to hit the fleas and a couple brocantes. it’s been all work when i’m not here blogging and i’ve been patiently waiting to flea once more encore!  

we live for the hours we have to leave our laptops and stroll for a snack. every outing is an adventure. you’d think after all these years it would get a little tired. but i guess that’s how paris is; endless inspiration from every angle. going through today’s pics i noticed a recurring theme of green spaces and shooting upward. i’ve been trying to capture a paris without a time. and without all the chaos that’s going on at street level making you realize exactly what year this is!

with my head in the clouds it was heavenly

the colors were vibrant, the sky so bright.

but with feet on the ground you’re bound to find beauty too.

my petit ami took us the long way home through parc du temple.

where i’d never been. loved their green wall

eVeRyOnE was blissed out.

we passed this book in shop window on the way home. the photo is timeless and catches a perfect moment. in the park, at that instant, all was well. that’s how it felt today watching everyone enjoy life at once.

well i have an early am so i’m out. bonne rêves!

September 23, 2011. Architectural Elements, Architecture, Green Spaces, Paris, Paris Apartments.


  1. classicconfusion replied:

    Paris is officially on my bucket list. All those beautiful buildings…*drool*

    Glad you enjoyed your time there :)


  2. nancy replied:

    your tour is MY BUCKET LIST………………….


  3. Hamptontoes replied:

    I was in Paris in April and truly is such a remarkable city. I loved it all, except the cigarette smoke. Your images are dreamy!


  4. Dentelline replied:

    J’adore tes photos! Sublime!
    Mais où est-ce à Paris? Je ne reconnais pas!


  5. Rhonda replied:

    I adore your photos, Paris in the Fall will be my next trip. I visited Paris in April, it was fabulous weather but I so enjoy Fall weather much more.


  6. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    OMG youare still there you lucky thing!!!!!!!!! We are in the middle of antiques weeks here….. My head has spun around………. I will be catching up with you…. Beautiful post…….xo Maryanne


  7. Monica Shulman replied:

    we’re heading back there in february for my birthday and I cannot wait! we were last there 4 years ago and from now until then I’ll be dreaming of the scenes, the streets, the smells, crepes, bowls of cafe au lait, drinking pinot noir outdoors, photographing everyone and everything, staring out at rooftops….sigh.


  8. Ruby Lee replied:

    You have such a lovely blog – and it’s nice to know someone out there shares my nostalgia for the 1920s!


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