the city of lightning speed

hi guys, how’s life at home? c’est tres grand en paris but my days are numbered and flying by. every minute is jam packed and the moments in between are when even more can happen. it’s hard to keep up!

some of that magic happened unexpectedly when i met a soul sister my first day here. neither of us completely understand what the other is saying but we totally get each other. so i’d like to introduce my new bff, sophie atlan. her boutique is at the marché aux puces at Clignancourt, in Vernaison specifically.  her dad was once a merchant there too, so the winding, tiny alley streets were her playground. years later it’s a family tradition that she radicalized with her bold and chic shop. she’s very private and never allows pics but we became real friends over the past few weeks and she let me shoot a couple real quick.  i couldn’t help but share her with you.

*Sophie Atlan, Vernaison Market, Alle 8 Stand 163*

she invited me to a red carpet event that the market is hosting the evening of october 14th. all the dealers will hold soirées in their booths with hors d’oeuvres and champagne. if you’re going to be in town let me know cause i have 2 extra invitations.

i couldn’t leave without taking a piece of sophies’s world home so got a bunch of wallpapers to play with. i’ll show you the patterns when i get back. i thought it would be fun to put them alongside the armoire, on the back of the shelves, stuff like that. well i’m working all day tomorrow so will dit bon nuit.  hope to get back here at a reasonable hour to post a un petit peu plus de paris. a tout a l’heure!

September 20, 2011. Tags: . Clignancourt Flea Market, Clignancourt Market Paris, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Paris, Paris Flea Markets, Vernaison Market.


  1. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Those wallpapers are fabulous! Looks like a most wonderful shop. XO


  2. Karen McNamara replied:

    Great story.


  3. renee finberg replied:

    these papers do look yummy.
    i will be thrilled to see them xxx


  4. Sue replied:

    divine as always – oh to be in paris rather than surrounded by the pressures of editorial deadlines!


  5. Rosalie Kelsey replied:

    Those colors are so spectacular. How can I go on in my own drab little world??? Enjoy. You are so lucky.


  6. meg manion silliker replied:

    how wonderful you met a kindred spirit. soul sisters are the best. adore her shop – how wonderful. i love that pink chaise. please send it right away!!! enjoy the remainder of your trip. xo


  7. renee finberg replied:

    no fair!!!
    i want to be with you!!



  8. danielle replied:

    Have an amazing time! Can’t wait till you get back; looking forward to a coffee on Espanola way!


  9. Rhonda replied:

    Ah, that was the flea market my friend and I went to. I was in a shopping fog, the joy of it all. I’d love to say I remember Sophie’s booth/shop but seriously, I was so in awe with it all, I can’t remember.


  10. Style Maniac replied:

    Claudia, reading your blog is the next best thing to visiting Paris. Oh how I wish I could make that October cocktail party!


  11. Heather replied:

    Such a sweet story! Made me smile.

    And of course all your goodies are gorgeous. The photos make me so excited for my first Euro trip next year!


  12. a work in progress « the paris apartment replied:

    […]  the office has definitely taken a backseat and since my bff claudia is here we decided to use the wallpapers from paris to give it a quick […]


  13. a work in progress – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […]  the office has definitely taken a backseat and since my bff claudia is here we decided to use the wallpapers from paris to give it a quick […]


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