light and levitation

i’ll post the artist’s link when i come back from dinner!

hey guys ~ i’ve been pretty bad about blogging but finally have what’s due turned in for the most part. i’ve been catching up on work and organizing the photos, a job in itself!

i wish i could post right now but i have to head out. by the by, last night we hit a super funny french theater act en anglais. we laughted our arses off! how to become parisian in on hour 

so i’m getting foot tapping cause the sun is shining…

gotta go!

two pics by the theater for good measure…i detest graffiti but can’t help but shoot it when it see it~

September 16, 2011. Maison et Objet, Paris.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    have a great weekend, Claudia!


  2. Rhonda replied:

    That appears to be a splendid show! I will need some prepping before returning to Paris, that is a given.


  3. Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris replied:

    Ooh looks funny! Will have to round up some expat pals and organize and evening! :-) Thanks for the recommend. Hope you’re enjoying Paris!



  4. Rossella Pagano replied:

    Thank you a lot, Claudia, for your splendid report about Maison Objet that I couldn’t (unfortunately) visit this year, so this has been for me a great deal to find your page and discover parts of the exposition throut your eye and camera. I feel that maybe we get attract by similar things.I invite you to visit my blog/presentation, tell me if you like it.
    Also absolutely great the image of the light, moon, chair etc, I just love all about light!
    Thank you for sharing images


  5. Dad replied:

    Like you, I detest graffiti too, but I did find the expression inside the balloon, “Si tu sais rever tu sais voler,” intriguing. It could translate as either “if you know how to dream you know how to fly.” I prefer this to the other translation, “If you know how to dream you know how to steal.”



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