to live is to be slowly born

~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

i like this sentiment cause it implies that experience comes at every moment. hOwEveR, night is coming faster than i can keep up. after walking 11 hours yesterday, today’s on and off drizzle knocked me out. it’s after midnight and the show is tomorrow so i have about one minute for an allo and to share some of yesterday’s random shots before they get burried or deleted from my phone.

i’m always looking at stores for rent. must be the merchant in me.

i guess cause it’s the infinite possibility of what it could be. maybe a fleur store…

with hydrangea topiaries

cutting through the louvre i’m usually too jaded to take pics but read about playing with lines and shapes. this is cafe marly on the square at the louvre.

and i never really understood the pyramids till i saw them through the promenade.

c’est moi

a table awaits

we ate a lot of chocolate

so that was about a minute of yesterday except for one last thing. i’m on a little mission, (not sure how long it will last). you know how there are statues everywhere from the louvre to the hotel de ville? ever wonder who they were and what did they do to warrant a life size, eternal figure? well i’m shooting one a day and looking him up. the random choice at the louvre was Jean-Jacques Rousseau. as for who he was, wikipedia says:

His Confessions, which initiated the modern autobiography, and his Reveries of a Solitary Walker were among the pre-eminent examples of the late 18th-century movement known as the Age of Sensibility, featuring an increasing focus on subjectivity and introspection that has characterized the modern age.

and that’s just the beginning.

these are some of his writings

i love the covers

so with paris happening at a mile a minute, it’s gonna take some control to enjoy it it slowly and let it unfold. something i have to remind myself to do whenever i’m here.  must be the new yorker in me.

paris grafitti

and now, off to catch some rêves et rêverie. sweet dreams to you!

September 8, 2011. Louvre, Paris, Photography.


  1. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Making me miss Paris so much this year Claudia so happy to see it through you. Know you are having the most wonderful time! Enjoy . XO


  2. Michele replied:

    When I see pictures like these, I so wish that Paris was not an ocean away… My one visit just wasn’t enough!


  3. Robin replied:

    My daughter will see this lovely city next summer…me, well I see what she will see through your eyes…and oh how wonderful it looks! Thank you for the glimpses of this beautiful place. Someday I hope to see it with my own eyes. Hubby is too afraid I wont come back home. lol Thanks again


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful Paris with us.


  5. Amy replied:

    J’adore votre robe! Vous êtes très parisien!


  6. sonia replied:

    J’adore to Blog et Paris!!! xx


  7. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    I love your idea of photographing statues!!! Fascinating.


  8. Lelanie replied:


    You show such lovely elements of Paris. It makes me long to return there. Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy the Maison!


  9. themodernsybarite replied:

    cute photo of “ces’t moi” and the storefronts. Such class :-)


  10. à la parisienne replied:


    You look as chic as can be, and your pictures are beautiful, especially that shot of the hydrangea topiary-nothing beats a parisian architectural backdrop!

    Love your statue mission, too. The history of Paris can be totally overwhelming and the Louvre contains masses of information that I will never retain!

    Enjoy all of your promenades.



  11. renee finberg replied:

    okay miss merchant…..
    remember your shop back home?
    and that blk and white snap
    of you is my fave!!!
    i love it

    hugs xxx


  12. Rhonda replied:

    You just took my breath away…


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