some things never change

bonjour tout le monde! it was a gorgeous day to land en paris. i think it may have been the warmest and clearest i’ve ever seen the city. everyone was out and about enjoying le soleil and i walked the whole afternoon. these are just shots around town while i was messing with my phone’s camera.

the streets were as pretty as ever and as much as is new with lots of boutiques and cafes, some things never change.

what really amazed me was how many events are happening this month. these shots below were mostly taken in one metro station!

tomorrow i have clients at the flea but when i get back i’m gonna check out some of these goings on.

it’s getting late so sorry there are no links but it’s everything from eco design to photography to artists markets.

and apparently it’s paris design week. it may be fashion week too!

one thing’s for sure, this is the city that never stops. and parisians enjoy both their past and present.

i hope to get to a few of these at least

i mean it just doesn’t stop as far as stimulation! i guess i’ve been a country girl for the last few months and city life is coming at me full throttle!

i did want to check out the event at versailles, at least i know what i’m in for but then again maybe i’ll go the roads less traveled. ok more soon!

they’re chanting in the streets out my window. sounds like it could be a night in 1750! alors, bonne nuit!

September 3, 2011. Paris.


  1. Jean replied:

    Oh, so jealous! Paris in September sounds perfect. The girls are dying to go with you to Paris!


  2. Pablo replied:

    I totally love the first picture! =)


  3. sigal sasson replied:

    My dream city. Wanna be there every day. And the flea…oh…


  4. Sadia replied:

    I can’t wait to go to Paris!

    Love your blog! xx

    ‘s’ is for sadia


  5. Karena replied:

    It must be absolutely gorgeous in Paris right now! Enjoy!

    Come and join my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce

    Art by Karena


  6. Vicki Bonne Amie replied:

    Enjoy your visit and tell Paris I miss her!!!!


  7. renee finberg replied:

    looking good


  8. taylorgreenwalt replied:

    I just told my husband that i cant wait to go to Paris and go to all the Flea markets. Have fun!


  9. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Fantastic! Once again you make me want to sell my jewelry and get on a plane! Have fun!


  10. Dentelline replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Fabuleux séjour à Paris!
    What a chance!
    J’adore toutes ces affiches!
    J’ai une copine qui a vu l’exposition au grand Trianon sur le costume du XVIIIe siècle et c’était génial!
    Je rate car je ne vais pas à Paris pour le moment!
    Belle soirée!


  11. paris apartment replied:

    thanks you for your tips… keep up the good post


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