less than perfect

hi gang, hope votre vie is en rose tonight. i’m happy to say my press pass came for the maison et objet so now wielding a camera and video won’t have to be so clandestine. just hope i can refine my video skills in time so i’ve been studying techniques and tips online.

as far as some of the other projects, i took the plunge by pulling out my files and now the trick is to see it through…so i’m blogging about it, that way i’m more likely to do it.

liz and i had started putting the souvenirs in a book a few months ago just to keep them safe but the book had sat unopened and uninspired till today.

in spare moments  i started going through the business cards, contacts and clippings from past paris trips.

combining the new business cards alongside the old perfume labels et al, it sort of took on a life of its own. these pages are only the first layer  but i think combining the two in a scrapbooky way  may be the key to staying interested and focused on putting this book about my resources in paris together.

right now it’s not organized it in any way. i started putting stuff in randomly just to get the chi moving

i’ve got to bust out the ribbons, little trinkets etc. to give the pages some 3d life later. these may not be so dynamic yet but hey, you have to start somewhere, n’est pas?

i’ll be revisiting lots of these locales to make sure they’re still here and beefing up the pages.

having this chatoic format is really helping. cause it doesn’t  have to be so methodical. plus it’s fun and feels less like work. guess the inspiration board from yesterday inspired me to make smaller versions in a way.

so that’s it. instead of my usual judgements and waiting for perfection, i’m gonna flow free and see where that leads. but that will have to be à demain, tonight i’m off dreamland. see you there?

August 30, 2011. Books, Inspiration Boards, Paris.


  1. Rebecca Grace replied:

    I’m jealous. I had a press pass for M&O a year ago January when I was covering the show for a vendor’s blog. This time my badge says “designer/specifier,” so the only way I’m getting any photos is if I can get my husband to distract the vendors and security guards. If you see an obnoxious American couple getting their cameras confiscated and thrown out of the show, it’s probably me. :-)


  2. Dentelline replied:

    J’adore ce collage de cartes de visite et de coupures de presse!
    C’est une riche idée!
    Belle journée!


  3. Rosalie Kelsey replied:

    It looks like a good way to do it. You have such lovely keepsakes. It will be fun to watch how it all turns out.
    Sweet dreams….sleep well.


  4. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    I think this is a fantastic way to work…go with the flow, especially when it comes to this kind of project. I look forward to the result.

    Love from London xo


  5. KelBelle replied:

    I like your books and your boards~ Very pretty!! :D

    Ciao, Bella


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