putting it down on paper


hi guys, my head and heart need a little distraction tonight. usually it’s florida that fights the hurricanes but tonight it’s the rest of the coast. it’s so much easier when you have to face something rather than have family and friends deal with it. i’m praying for their homes, trees, coastlines and cities and safety.


well, said distraction resulted in skimming mood and inspiration boards. i brought home a giant file box from storage today with clippings, magazines, business cards and notes from trips to paris over the years. it’s finally time to put it together in a book of favorite places and things to do.


tomorrow i’m getting a huge cork board (or two) to start laying it out. i’ve tried a million ways but this visual and tactile method (rather than scanning, having tons of notebooks or keeping it all in a file cabinet) seems to make the most sense. what am i keeping all these papers for if not to see them?


so prep is starting for the trip, i’ll be there through september so this morning went to the mac store to learn about imovie. now taking and editing videos is not such a mystery. i’m gonna try to post to my youtube channel every couple days. more on that as i practice. i’m waiting for a maison objet press pass cause without that, no footage. if you know how uptight they are at the fleas, imagine the show!



as far as the trip goes, i’m going to mostly write and focus. i’ll be covering the maison for lonny magazine’s blog so taking good pics and turning in comprehensive and valuable work is priority.

anothermag.com paul smith

so is really understanding my camera. lots of learning curves.

marchesa via vainandvapid.blogspot.com

i wish i was really great at something technical!


well, these boards kind of helped me meditate on what i need to do and hope they gave you a little kick too. do you keep one (or a few) for inspiration?


Marie Antoinette


it really doesn’t matter how small the sentiment, you just have to start somewhere.


by the by, i had the pleasure to spend another day with renee and was surprised and thrilled when joni webb  of cote de texas walked in the showroom! you may know her fabulous blog and spirited discussions on all things decor.

as blog acquaintances we had lots of preconceived notions about each other but felt like old friends once we hugged. she’s one of those people you feel like you’ve known forever. hope i do!

ok, all well, happy saturday, bonne nuit and prayers for our peoples!

August 28, 2011. Inspiration Boards, Mood Boards.


  1. Plamena Zahova replied:

    I love inspiration boards!




  2. designchic replied:

    So many wonderful moodboards!! Cannot wait to see more of your amazing store…you had me at the french chairs!!


  3. Mom replied:

    We weathered the storm. No trees fell, no power lost.
    I have a quilting board, too. They are really fun to add to and look at.
    LOL Mom


  4. Jean replied:

    Lucky you, meeting Joni. I love her blog (which I found here of course). Storm was no big deal here, just lots of rain.

    So jealous of your trip to Paris. Sounds great, although I’m sure its a lot of work, too.


  5. Rosa replied:

    Inspiration boards are fabulous! I have old photo binders filled with inspirations, but have never actually put them ‘up’ to look at!


  6. Joni Webb replied:

    ok, that’s embarrassing. god, i’m so fugly. oy.

    loved meeting you!!! we’re still here – Ben got a migraine and we’ve had to rebook our flight two days now.



    • Beadboard UpCountry replied:

      HI Claudia!
      Gread mood boards. Crush Party blog just did a thing with a video on this incredible fashion photographer and he did kind scrapbook like pictures. I’ll try and send you the link. It was incredible………Never seen anything like it…..
      The cutouts and odds and ends inspire his photography. She called him the Spielberg of fashion photography. Maryanne xo Oh and glad you three got to hook up………..Would love to have been a fly on the wass for that one!!!HA!
      O and congrats of being able to do pictures at M&O. LE Press Pass…. I LOOOVE THEEE PRESS PASS!


  7. In Good Taste replied:

    Such inspiring mood boards! Love!! xx


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